Dragon Age Oringins and Fable

It was around the holidays when a friend told me that Dragon Age Origins was much better for PC and that it "Kicks ass."

Then I thought to myself. "I can't imagine playing Fable on a XBOX." Fable and Dragon Age Orignins are quite similar games, but Dragon Age Origins has more posibilites than Fable.... and is just more awesome. ANYWAY, let get to the point. Would Dragon Age Origins be better on and XBOX/PS3 or PC? Personally, I would think PC is better for that kind of game, but I am a whimp when it comes to lagging. XDD

Comment! :D

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Dragon Age on PS3 and 360 weren't handled that well. Not to say it is a bad version of the game, but it clearly wasn't their main focus. I love playing the game on my ps3 and getting the little trophy notification pop up, but the PC version has more depth in gameplay (albeit not by much).

As glorious as the game is on PC, or how good it is in general, it isn't as good as Knights of the Old Republic. Clearly, BioWare is focused on two things: Mass Effect and The Old Republic MMO. Given the launch of Mass Effect 2 being so close to Dragon Age, you can tell they were being worked on at the same time BUT sadly Dragon Age wasn't given a chance.

Dragon Age is good but not great. It is a shame because it has so much potential, even on the PS3 (thanks 360 for being so limited), but as long as the focus remains on Mass Effect and the Star Wars MMO [by the way, WHY IS IT AN MMO!?], Dragon Age content won't have a chance to be truly great.

There is something interesting that EA has done for DA:O in the tie-in content. The online flash game to unlock content in game and the Dragon-Age-to-Mass-Effect cross content armor are interesting ways of getting people involved in their work. For once, I was glad I was connected to EA's private servers because it actually enabled some cool features and access to neat data.

Remember, the expansion for Dragon Age: Origins [Awakening] is set to come out in March.

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