So, my response to the iPad is up on the blog.

Long story short - trees can rejoice. Paper publishing - including of comics - is dead as a doornail. Digital is now clearly the way of the future.

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I don't care if it will wipe my ass, I will always choose read a piece of paper over a digital screen.

The Kindle and the Sony eReader are comfortable enough to look at, but it just isn't for me. Even "reading" manga or comics on my PSP isn't even that good (although they present the comics well to the user). If I am going to read a book, it needs to be a book. It is just part of that tangible "look at my shelf of crap that denotes that I am a better person than you"!

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I'd rather read a book. I don't feel like staring at a screen while I read ALL the time.

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It would kill my eyes after a while. I can only stare at a screen for so long before my eyeballs start to go numb.

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I have a kindle and reading comics on it is difficult. Paper manga will persevere through this digital reading fad.

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This just in, Mac came out with something that does stuff that its other stuff already does... good job.

8 years, 5 months ago
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Gizmodo days that with the upcoming Panelfly, we can expect great things from comics on the iPad: http://gizmodo.com/5463681/comic-books-will-look-incredible-on-the-ipad

8 years, 5 months ago
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