Zelda Haikus

Hello! And Happy New Year! :D These are some Zelda Haikus by Youtubers, Meekakitty, and myself. Feel free to leave a comment of your own Zelda Haiku! :D

Dear water temple I hate you so so so much I want you to die -Meekakitty

Hey listen Navi You already said that I want to kill you -Youtuber

Wallmaster you suck Get your gross fingers off me You nasty poo nose -Youtuber

You goddamn owl Stop switching the selections You annoying bitch -Youtuber

Half of one heart left The beeping drives me crazy No more red potion -Youtuber

You, Deku baba Why do you bite? I lash out Now you are a stick -Youtuber

I am know as Link And boy do my weapons stink Can I dress in pink? -Youtuber

Dear Link dressed in green Why do you not speak ever? Cry out with pain, HIAY! -ElArtista2295

Skeleton Child You scare the sh*t out of me Gah, you make me cry -ElArtista2295

You blow your whistle Stop blowing your damn whistle Stupid freak’ in guards. -ElArtista2295

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Lol, those are good! Funny!

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Aren't haikus supposed to, you know, have seasonal themes and stuff?

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Gannon has killed me again

Back to title screen


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