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There has been an upswing in franchises being rendered in an Eastern art style lately. Teen Titans, Dante's Inferno, and Halo are all guilty of this. While it is interesting to see that perhaps America is turning into a melting pot of ideas, I have this sinking feeling that it is just a cheap way to get the otaku culture ensnared in a cheap knockoff.

Do you feel that any of these are genuine efforts by creators or is it just another corporate ploy to get your dollar? Is there anything you are looking forward to?

Also, post below any projects you are aware of so I can repost them here for everyone to consider.

So far:

  • Ironman
  • Wolverine
  • Dante's Inferno (based off of the game, based off of the poem)
  • Teen Titans
  • Halo
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I not happy about the Otaku tie-ins. And I was and still am deeply disturbed that Marvel is going anime.

I am NOT happy or even amused that Wolverine, Iron Man, and X-men are going anime. I personally prefer Western Comic styles, so the idea some of my favorite Characters in the Marvel Universe are going to look anime really kills me.

I love anime and everything, but I don't want to lose western comics either.

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I've only seen teen titans, but I really do like that show. As for the other stuff, I probably wouldn't watch it anyway. And do you include American Anime? Because there are a few I know of.

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By Halo, do you mean Halo Legends? If so then, technically, its not unoriginal. I read somewhere that japanese animation studios like Toei and Bones are making Halo Legends

But i get what you mean. western and eastern animation both have unique qualities to them that attract different audiences. I think that this melding will probably result in less variety.

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I actually like the Teen Titans show. I don't really consider it an anime, but that's probably because I watched it before I knew what anime was.

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Powerpuff Girls. It came out in 2006(not sure if you were looking for anything, or just recent shows) but it was an interesting watch, haha. The japanese title was "Demashita! PowerPuff Girls Z" or something like that.

Or did you mean western produced shows with eastern art style influence?

8 years, 5 months ago
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