Why I started to watch anime and why I still do.

I began to watch anime due to seeing a cute/hot guy on the cover of a Japaneses dvd my friend had. I asked if I could watch it and voila. I couldn't enough. My first anime was InuYasha. I fell for Sesshomaru, (my favorite character then and now). Even though he is rather mean, hated humans, and wanted to kill InuYasha. I couldn't get enough of seeing him. My favorite episodes are ones with him in it. I'm not saying that I didn't like the others, I liked all of them. But there was just something about him. Sigh. From InuYasha I began to watch more and varied types of anime. Anything from Yaoi to Horror. I noticed a trend though, the ones I really liked had cute/hot guys. Every single one. Even if I watch anime considered ecchi, if it had at least one cute/hot guy I would watch it. Though I have not watched some anime all the way through even though it had cute/hot guys. Due to it had no plot or it just was awful. My friends laughed when I finally figured out my taste in anime(wasn't all that long ago). I noticed though we all have our little quirks when it comes to things we like to watch. My friend K, loves his anime with girls with glasses. Yep glasses. Doesn't matter if she is well endowed or not, just needs glasses. Another friend need to have her anime filled with buff guys. Another friend wants slender, effeminate guys. Now with unique likes like these, its a wonder that we can watch anything together at all. But we can, have, and will continue to do so.

(please ignore any grammatical issues)

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Wow, my friends (that watch anime) and I are the same way. I only watch anime that has cute (in my view) guys with weird quirks or are some what schizophrenic. (Ex. Gaara and Hidan from Naruto, L from death note, ect.) My friend Victoria only watches anime's with hot but intelligent anime guys. And my other friend Ariana only watches shows with a Huge kawaii-ness factor. (Card captor Sakura, Pokemon, Sailor moon, ect.)

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