Does anyone watch Heroes?

Sylar rocks!!

8 years ago
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I do! I do! And Sylar does rock!

8 years ago
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Heroes: Graphic Novels

Read the entire Heroes graphic novel series on

The comics give additional character background and plot information not shown in the television episodes. - Wikipedia

Also, check out They have over 5,000 articles and tons of info on every aspect of Heroes, fan creations, references, time-lines, etc.

8 years ago
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I watched every episode in the first 3 seasons and then I couldn't keep up with it anymore. D: Hero is my favorite though. I think he's hilarious.

8 years ago
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I love Hiro, but I mean seriously, how many different ways can you save the world before it gets ridiculous? The first season was amazing, yes, but with the whole time travel and everything in the second, I was just confused and bored. I mean, even the first season could be confusing, but at least it was good. That entire concept lends itself to one good season before it's grasping for straws.

8 years ago
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I know that following season 2 most people who watched the show after that massive fall. But, remember that was because of the Writers strike, and TV pretty much sucked because of it. To add something else, it's hard to come up with a good plotline for show like that with only 11 episodes.

7 years, 11 months ago
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Double-post response for two Heroes topics:

If you like Heroes, you'll probably really like Misfits, too.

Check it out.

7 years, 11 months ago
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