Sailor moon cosplay help, Please. I'll be your bestest fwend!

Hello people that take time to read my posts! I'm kind of in trouble here and I need help from the online world. There is a con in April called 'Castle Point Anime Convention' at Stephens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ and my friends and I are planning of cosplaying for it. Most of my friends are just getting into the anime scene so I picked something that everyone knows about, the sailor moon girls! My only problem is that I've never made something like this before, and I just got a sewing machine that I still have to learn how to use, so I have no idea how to make it. I really don't want to disappoint my friends, but I also have to work on some art to sell there. If anyone has any idea's or tips, please tell me. I don't want to buy the whole costume online (that's against the rules of the cosplay contests, anyway) so don't post links to sites where I can do that. Also, if anyone is going to this con, post that up too!

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If you're new to sewing, it's going to be a big task to sew all these costumes. It might help to first get a good picture of the characters that you will use as a reference for the costumes.

Next, look around your house for any old clothes/props that you could use for your costume (this will save you time, cus u won't have to make this stuff). If you are really going all out on this project, I would recommend buying a pair of sewing scissors and getting a couple of patterns from the fabric store.

They usually have catalogs you can look through. Look for a pattern that is similar to what you are trying to make, because chances are, they won't have an exact match. Also, you might have to get more than one pattern for each costume. Ex: a pattern for the top and a pattern for the skirt.

The patterns will help big time. All you have to do is get some sewing pins and pin the cut-outs of the fabric to the pattern. Then follow the directions, (it's not actually that easy. It will require a lot of time and patience to learn everything...)Also, you can try checking a nearby thrift store for anything useful.

Also, there are sometimes websites where people show you how to make these specific costumes step by step. Just try Google. Something should come up. That way you can get an idea of what the costume should look like.

Lastly, GOOD LUCK!! :)

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Hope this helps! has a lot of advice on making costumes

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From our Facebook Fanpage:

Jared Buellesbach:

Uhhhh, been awhile since I've seen this show, but didn't they wear colour co-ordinated schoolgirl miniskirts? Go to a school clothing store for them, then raise the hems, or whatever (not good with sewing terminology). Uhhhhhhh, longish white gloves...... maybe a formal clothing store?

Failing that, use gratuitous fanservice..... you'll get infi fanboys, then! ^_^

Shelly Sinha:

I will also be at CPAC in April. So I'll look for your SM cosplay! ^____^

If you don't have the time to make the entire costume, well, then it depends on how detailed you want it to be...

To make something simple, the only difference between the senshi is the color scheme, jewelry, shoes, hair style and accessories (weapon or otherwise). However, Sailor Moon is a bit more work. ^___^;

This is all without knowing if you plan to go anime or manga style and what version (or season) of the senshi.

Take for example the mini skirt (decide the length before hand and make sure you are comfortable with it). The top though you will have to be more creative and yes, you might need to sew something...

It would be a bit more helpful if you let us know what senshi you are cosplaying as. ^___^

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Thanks for ur help but I might not be able to do this. I'll try, but I'm most likely gonna be something else

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