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I think School Rumble is an awesome show. I'm kind of disappointed that Kenji decided to change his look so that Tenma wouldn't recognize him. He actually used to be cute and now he's ugly

...unfortunately. Also, I always thought that Yakumo was Tenma's older sister, but apparently not. This was really weird to find out because she's so mature and calm, unlike Tenma. Anyway, what are your thoughts on the show?

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My thoughts are that it's an insanely addicting show. And I love Tenma to death. :3

I haven't seen a whole lot of it, maybe 6 episodes (There are other addicting shows on my list haha), but my favorite line so far has to be when Tenma was crying at home because she thought Kurasama was going to move away, and Yakumo tries to comfort her.

"Don't worry, life goes on" "LIKE HELL IT DOES!"

Sigh Love at first sight. Haha.

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I love this show. My favorite part is in the english version when Tenma says:

We're gonna have some curry

We're gonna have some curry

Ooh I hope it isn't furry

There is no need to worry

or something like that. I also like how the show parodies Fist of the North Star.

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