Last day of the decade!

Yo' Otaku Pride!

I want to give a little reminder that today is December. 31st, 2009...the last day of the entire decade.

So I would like to know how has this entire decade effect your life. Obviously im asking about anime, manga, and everything else otakus enjoy.

Also what are some things your looking forward to in 2010 and beyond?

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This decade has introduced me to the anime that ultimately became my favorite: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

I have season 1 on DVD, I'm collecting the manga and the light novels as they are released, and praying we get to have the 2009 episodes and The Disappearance dubbed and distributed in the US.

I'm obsessed.

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I'm looking forward to more episodes of BEYOND!

Also, more sweet games for my PS3 library, granted I haven't finished the ones from 2008. Yeah, I have a problem.

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I will do weightlifting and awaken from my winter hibernation state so I can be strong like people in dragonball.

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The 2000s blisfully gave me the chance to enjoy the greatness of Death Note and even Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop which even though came out in the 90's, I did not see when it was originally on. Among other things, anime conventions, the Devil May Cry games, and other PS2 goodies made the 2000s a great decade for me. There are many more otaku related things I've enjoyed during this decade but I'll save my breath with just these as my particular favorites which shined for me the most.

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