AnimeNEXT 2010 Planning!

Well it's that time again!

With the deadline to register cheapest price coming up in just a few days underway, I thought I would start the discussion among those of you in the NJ/NY/CT/wherever area who plan on making the hike to AnimeNEXT.

Do share your hopes, plans, and any hotel endeavors you may be making to make this another stellar con for you and your friends! And of course, planning an OP meetup is perfectly game if anyone is interested in that as well.

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Hope this ANext is even bigger than 2009.

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I hope I can go to this one! I didn't get to go last year! I want to sell some of my art to.

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me me me! we should definitely room together again! last year was so much fun!

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Ugh! I want to go TT_TT

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It better be bigger and better this year. I didn't like the music in the rave last year, they need to stay away from the mainstream and do more techno/house/gothic music like they did back in '08. If they have the cosplay burlesque show again I'd be excited for that as well the Cosplay Dating game, concert, and Chess match they have every year.

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I can't wait for AN ^^ got all hyped up over con season...shrugs Ima be cosplaying this year, as usual, and perhaps staying all three days, family matters got to me last year...perhaps this time I'll be able to go to the rave... nervous nervous... never gone to a big one before, lame of me I know, but still...

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Aaaaand we're back to the countdown! 10 days before ANEXT!

Expectations? Plans?

8 years, 1 month ago
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