Viz Anime: New beta site launch provides Anime titles Free!

The number of sites on the web that provide free, legal anime content is minimal to say the least. The anime community in America is like a fish trapped in a small tank. We need a bigger tank (more legal content), or maybe to be set free in the ocean, to grow and enjoy all that the anime world has to offer.

Our wishes have been answered! Thank you Viz. Though its offerings are currently limited to 11 shows, is a brand new beta release website and I believe it will grow to meet the demands of its customers. Aside from that belief, Viz has actually made the promise that there will be more offerings within the next few months.

With our upcoming anime marathon approaching, the presence of such a rare site is a tremendous benefit. We will also be utilizing the wonderful resources provided by FUNimation video site, hulu and Crunchyroll as well.

We feel that Deb Aoki can do a much better job than us in talking about the new Viz site, so if you haven't read it yet, we strongly recommend, and if possible, would forcibly encourage you to read her article:

First Look: VIZ Launches VIZAnime, Streaming 11 Shows Online

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I heard that Deb Aoki lays down the law in the interwebs. Is that true?

I'm looking forward to more from Viz, and this will hopefully put more pressure on FUNimation... hopefully.

8 years, 5 months ago
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