What are you doing to make this break Animerific?

I just finished all of my final projects today. They were due at noon, and what do ya know, 20 minutes later I'm posting on OP. I'm so glad school is over, looking forward to being able to focus on other things. More important things. Obviously. ^_^

I don't really have anything specific I'm doing this break to make it Animerific, though I am planning out the OP Online Anime Marathon. That should be neat and different.

Other than that Jim and I will be cranking out a few new podcasts for the enjoyment of...someone. Hopefully. We'll be doing major work on the site and stuff as well. Ya know, that geeky background stuff that makes your playground pretty to play on. Speaking of, check out the "Themes" option in your profile. It lets you change the look of OP.

GamerPsych is launching over this winter break. Our very own MeanLizard and GooieGreen are heading up that project. It will be primarily focused on video games and look into what makes our favorite games tick. A 360 on every aspect of gaming. You can sign up for the beta now.

So what are you all up to?

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Finishing off some of my favorite shows, reading, and sleeping, mostly sleeping.

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