Michael Moore vs. Otaku

According to Sankaku, loudmouth leftist asshat Michael Moore has identified a new threat to human freedom - otaku!

((I particularly love his attempts to "liberate" the maids at a maid cafe - priceless!))

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Guys, calm down.

  1. It is Akihabara and thus arguably related to anime otaku. I was talking about it days ago with staff from ANN and Anime Vice, so it's fair to say that anime news sites took notice. I do think it's been blown out of proportion, though. ANN didn't feel like it merited an article, and we didn't do one at Anime Diet either.
  2. The original poster of this thread is using Sankaku as if it were an unbiased news source. This may not be a wise move. (Asterisk writes for outrage, not accuracy.)
  3. I'm sure a Michael Moore documentary on Akihabara would be unintentionally hilarious.
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I think that you have no understanding of Michael Moore, the man has one of the most dry sesne of humor in Hollywood. Yes is he liberal wasn't that obvious everyone knows that, he looks to try to show people their ignorance, a great greek man did the same thing. He was put to trial and was put to death. There's really no reason to foolow what he does if you don't even like him to begin with. Is there some weird reason from this tread that I'm just not getting?

Also Japan is very traditionalist within their soceity, I hope that doesn't shock you, but it should be pretty obvious, if not sorry to break you from your oh-so-wonderful delusion.

Another thing, you've pathetic name calling based on political views is very outdated and makes you look like a complete idiot. If you don't want to be known as the Gleen Beck of the website than you should stick to just reframe from using insults based on ones ideas.

Lastly, as GoogieGreen pointed out, why does this tread even belong here, on otakupride.com?

Anyway, this tread is a epic fail.

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I would advise you all to keep politics out of this topic since they have no place. Really, the only reason this became a news story was because Conservatives love to throw him under a bus whenever he sneezes and then call it a news story.

With all due respects to the Japanese culture, they are an extremely conservative bunch, socially. If not exclusively the way in which women are portrayed in submissive roles and it remaining the status quo (however noting the many strides forward to undo this). Anyone could be easily offended or taken aback when discovering that such disenfranchising roles for women exist in a country that was notorious for it during its American occupation after World War II.

To see things from his point of view, it is ethically wrong to have women in such subserviant roles. However, if you read in between the lines, you will realize that he is also fucking with you. My god, how blind are you to think he will just go around and say "Hey Japan: Fuck you!"? I know his sense of humor, and it is a dry one.

So yeah, on the one hand he's a liberal, so you want to attack him. On the other hand, he is teasing and pointing out strange inequalities in Japanese mainstream society, therefore you hate him even more.

So, you "radical, right-wing, war-mongering, anti-people, fascist", I hope you feel this for your crimes against sensibility!!
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I don't think it needs to be said but all the comments that were negative on that article on that website, only talked about was how fat he was, if you agree with those people you have serious issues going on.

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Why does anyone care what Micheal Moore does? I saw Roger and Me, I'll give him credit for that one but after that he became a pompous ass.

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Moore is a grandstanding moron who blasts his mouth off about things he knows nothing about, and this is proof of it. Giving the girls at a maid cafe a lecture on the Rights Of Man? Give me an effing break. There's no way you can spin that that it isn't a ridiculous thing to do. And I don't mean a "dry sense of humor" thing to do - I mean it's just freaking retarded.

But look, lest anyone think I'm taking political sides here, I would have posted this if Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck had said the same dopey things that Moore did. No political point of view has an exclusivity contract with idiocy. I'm sure those guys say world-class dumb things all the time - just not ones that deal with things that touch on what a place like Otaku Pride is about. If they do, I'll post them.

If some left-wing idiot says stupid things about anime culture, I'll post it. If some right-wing idiot says stupid things about anime culture, I'll post it. Long story short, this guy insulted "otaku pride", and that makes it relevant here.

8 years, 7 months ago
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