The virtues of Karma

The Karma voting system isn't exactly a unique way of keeping order on a website, but it does work when it is used as intended. And while it doesn't exactly reflect the conventional definition of karma, it can be as useful as a social construct.

The reasons to down-vote or up-vote are largely up to the enduser to decide, but abuse of your ability to vote can and will impact your karma pool. I personally like to up-vote any posts that I feel are productive to the particular thread it is in. In this way, it helps to promote users to continue to write such comments without the stress of writing an overly-qualified post. It would take a terribly written post (e.g. all caps and no punctuation, completely irrelevant or offensive message) to result in a down-vote.

I've noticed, however, that many people vote out of spite. We've all done it at least once, be it on Otaku Pride or somewhere else in life. Just note that whenever you down-vote, you are using up some of your karma. Lose too much and you will no longer access some of your privileges on the site. Yes, it IS possible to essentially destroy your own account by having a negative karma rating, and I'm sure all of you do not want that to happen.

Where the karma system breaks is when you begin to harass people, be it posting about them in rude ways or down-voting them for the fuck of it. We here at Otaku Pride do not want that to happen to anyone and would ask you to use your powers to vote wisely. And while we cannot stop you from down-voting people like madmen, let me remind you that doing so doesn't look too good. Karma is your reputation on Otaku Pride, and having a bad reputation is a sure-fire way to ostracize yourself from the community. Jim and Tom have worked very hard to build this website, and we all want it to continue to grow.

Although I am a very cynical and brash personality at times, I do like to take the time and put perspective on a given situation. I do not want anyone to feel threatened by my actions or words, but at the same time I will not tolerate any social transgression against me. I'm sure you all can agree with me, if not follow that same mantra yourselves, on that point.

Above all else, be kind to your fellow posters and try to develop a strong reputation on OP. Help us grow as both individuals and a group to create the best community around.

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