The fate of Yakuza 3

Not many played the original Yakuza in the US, and even fewer played the sequel. Despite the cult following and critical acclaim, it simply wasn't a seller compared to the other mafia games like Grand Theft Auto. Since Yakuza 3 has come out in Japan and is proclaimed the best version yet, most have asked "Hey Sega, when do I get some"?

For a long time, they have been hands off. Today, I have news:

Yakuza 3 is coming to America!

Oh, and the EU and AU regions as well.

Please tell me this excites at least a few of you guys, even at the prospect of playing another good Japanese game; even if this means it will be your first Yakuza game.

Do you think this will rock the boat that Rockstar rows? Is there finally a game that can compete with GTA4, or will it just make a small ripple in the water like the last releases?

(FYI: it is an open-world brawler that focuses on the Japanese mafia; the Yakuza. So far, no plans for a 360 release have been announced, as it will likely remain a PS3-exclusive.)

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It would be nice to have a little competition to the five hundred GTA games.

Not of a fan of PS3 exclusive though - I think any degree of success with the american release will probably lead to an xbox port though

Then again, I may be projecting ;)

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The games didn't sell well (enough) originally in the US, so what makes you think Sega will take a chance and release it on another platform? They really won't be doing themselves any good by retrofitting this game to a 360.

Japanese games do not sell well on 360 because that isn't the core demographic. Xbox sells shooters and shooters, hence Mass Effect and Halo.

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