What's Your Favorite Type of Anime?

I have a question... What kind of Anime do you like best? Not just the title of your favorite but what kind of subject matter do you like to watch.

For example, I like romantic comedy the best which is probably appropriate since I'm a male nerd with no girlfriend so I like to live vicariously through 'Toradora' and 'Love Hina.' But also as a male I like to see stuff get blowed up real good so I like Full Metal Panic and stuff like that as well.

What's your choice? Stupid Kyon.  He's gonna be sorry

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I like shojo and slice-of-life anime like Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, and Fruits Basket.

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Intellectual anime. The type where I spend hours outside of watching the anime thinking about either the plot or deep symbolism within.

Some anime I think are quite thought provoking:

Ghost in the Shell (the original movie)- This is one of the first anime I saw that really pulled me into really wanting to watch more anime. The central theme of Ghost in the Shell deals with stuff like what if we are all just organic machines with a soul inside of them. What if we can make human like machines who then somehow end up having a soul inside of them just like a living thing?

Serial Experiments Lain - This is also a bit dated, but it deals heavily into technology, and whether we can simply plug ourselves into the internet and exist within the internet without having a body.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (the original series and movies) - I hope everyone knows enough about this one for me to skip the description.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - this one is tricky because it's not that intellectual on the surface. Basically the whole series is about Haruhi: Who she is and the hi-jinks that transpire because of her. But it hides a very subtle mystery: Who is Kyon? We never ever really find out who he is. We never even learn his real name (Kyon is his nickname) Nor do we ever meet his parents nor do we even learn the name of his sister. Yet, he is the main protagonist of the story.

Dennou Coil - A more recent take on the same themes are Serial Experiments Lain, except this time it deals more with virtual spaces, and whether or not our copies in the virtual space still live on despite whether or not we die in the real world.

Bokurano - Although most people will probably tell you that this is a very depressing anime...(manga is even more depressing as the ending is even more morbid) but there is a lot more to it as it deals with questions like "What do you live for? What do you die for?" "What if I tell you that you're about to die?" "Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the world that you hate?" and so forth. It's really one of my favorite series.

Sousei no Aquarion(Genesis of Aquarion) - This series may not seem like much, but most episodes have a different moral to it to think about.

Ergo Proxy - This series is amazing in this genre. It throws the viewer into a post apocalyptic world where people live in enclosed cities. The main underlying theme is a man's search for his identity. But at the same time, the viewer is tasked in learning about the setting as well as questions about existence similar to that of ghost in the shell. It's one of the few shows where when you watch again, you notice many new things you didn't notice before due to lack of knowledge you learn later in the series.

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I watch almost everything as long the story line is good ^^

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Almost anything that was made 20 years ago.

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I tend to lean more towards romantic comedy/slice of life for some reason. I just love laughing. :)

A very close second would probably be drama. Not sure why. Clannad does a pretty good job of rolling all of these genres in one show, which is probably why I've become a big fan of it, haha.

Stuff like Toradora!, School Rumble, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, MariMite are instant favorites.

Can't forget the action, though. Cowboy Bebop, Black Cat, Soul Eater etc. Pure win.

Mystery and Horror. That's actually number 3 and 4 respectively on my list of genres. I'm a nut for Higurashi and Umineko right now. XD

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i'll try any anime and end up liking most. =]

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A theme I noticed in all the animes that I watched, is that they have a comedic moment or two...or everything. I also try most of the animes that 4chan likes to throw around. Bobobo, Needless, Azumanga Daioh, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei are some series that I watched, and enjoyed.

I also enjoyed the giant mind f**k that is Serial Experiments Lain.

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I tend to lean toward romantic comedies as well, but I enjoy anime with depth and meaning in the story. I also don't mind the occasional gun/sword. Soul Eater is a good example of an anime with depth, action scenes and humor rolled into one.

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