Asuka? Her? - Evangelion

I'm having a little trouble deciding exactly what it is about asuka that makes her so alluring - seemingly everyone's favorite evangelion character.

At the risk of this becoming a wide tangent on everyone's favorite character (god knows we have enough of those posts), I really want to understand what about her character is so special.

Is it the temper?

Is she just hot?

the on-again-off-again attitude?

Vulnerability? Confidence?

There are a few things that come to mind:

  1. It's easy to identify with her need to prove herself.

    We've all felt like we had something to prove, and it's a well known method of making a character into a hero - putting them in a position to overcome adversity

  2. She has confidence (most of the time)

    Let's face it, confidence is sexy. Even if it comes in a terrifying man-eating package. That just mean she's a tad unattainable (another reason?)

  3. Her vulnerabilities appear deep rooted and justified.


    Finding your mother has hanged herself is pretty traumatic. And learning that about Asuka triggers a pretty strong sympathy/empathy reaction

  4. She turns out to be... sexual (for lack of a better word)... with the "I'm bored" kiss. Something about that sort of um... availability seems to make girls attractive (this might be going out on a limb I'm not sure)

    The "I&squot;m Bored" Kiss

What do you think?

Her alleged 14-years-old-ness aside (I really think all these young anime hero/heroins are about 5 years older than they say, but that's another story) - What do you think about all this?

What are the character traits that writers/designers use to make their characters appealing?

Also (dare I ask) is Asuka your favorite evangelion character? Give a good reason why or why not or else I will downvote you! bwa ha ha

PS - I always liked Rei better haha

edit: Found a pretty interesting article on why the Asuka-Shinji Pairing doesn't work and why Shinji and Rei do =D

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Asuka is a great Character. That character shows off a lot of the traits of an adult person. She is a person who does have mental issues because of childhood trauma and she is a loaded gun. Smoking to the point that it is her downfall.

Now don't get me wrong she is one of the linchpins of the whole evangelion series. She is the wild, eccentric, and overall big hotshot Child. She wants to prove to everyone she has it - what everyone else wants - and that the thinks highly of her self.

For me, I love Ayanami Rei. It is a person thing. Rei is the odd ball of the children. She brings a balance to Shinji's childishness nature and Asuka's Wild and over the top nature.

Each of the 3 main children play a complementary role in the series displaying all aspects of human nature. I think that is main theme in this series aside from being one of the most controversial anime series of all time.

That is what makes the series compelling. It lures you in by the character development, and as the story line goes on those character traits are exploited for the greater good of man kind and in the end it goes into a PSYCHOTIC Bowl of ACID TRIPPING WTF MATE ending.

(fyi, i have a friend who I used to work with who was born and raised in japan who now lives somewhere in Jersey, and he told me the director was taken off his psycho-meds during the last 1/4 of the series, hence why the series look like some one was tripping on acid.)

I hope that explains my thoughts a bit clearly and answers your questions.

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What is it about Asuka you ask? She's sexy and confident and in-your-face for sure but where does it come from? The reason being that she's a narc. She has to be the best at whatever she does and does not take failure lightly as we see in the later part of the series when Shinji deafeats one of the Evas when Asuka couldn't and she was never able to forgive herself for it. Being a narcissist has it's ups and downs like everything else and it just so happened that many people like Asuka because she's such a radical one at that.

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She was a proto-tsundere.

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When Eva first came out I was in High School. My good friend and I would often mock argue the Rei vs Asuka debate. I have nothing against Rei, but Asuka was always my favorite. Always had a thing for both strong women and red-heads. Askua is strong willed, confident and not afraid to go after what she wants.

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I think what made asuka such an interesting character is that she acts like a mature adult with none of the self esteem issues that shinji has but then is revealed to have deep rooted emotional issues stemming from her relationship with her mother and is a normal child after all. She is the antithesis of shinji but also the other side of his coin.

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