Time Warner or Verizon?

Which television service do you use? Do you like your service, or do you think it's a ripoff?

Well, to start, I use Time Warner, but I wanted Verizon because they had the Funimation channel with a lot of anime on it. I found out Time Warner had a similar channel and I could watch the anime it featured as much as I wanted.

So which one: Verizon or Time Warner Cable?

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We have Cablevision in our area and I have to say that it doesn't make a difference to me.

I think TV as a medium is overrated; which is why I never watch it. I think I have access to an anime channel but I probably wouldn't use it. The Internet is an infinitely superior resource for anime, despite how difficult it is to find at first.

I would have hoped that cable prices and content would have a strong negative correlation going on for us consumers by now. Sadly we aren't quite there, so netflix and the web are the only useful outlets (at least to me)

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I may be a bit more biased towards a cable company because I work for one as a technical support specialist tier 3 agent. But I have some valid points that should be considered plus I have a pretty good Technical background..

First of all, I would normally say if you want tv stick to a cable company or sattelite . If you want phone stick to a phone company. If you want internet then you have a decision to make. Dial up, DSL, Cable, Fiber (not fios) or other form of high speed internet are the choices that are out there.

Now as for as a television choice Stick with a cable company. They have been doing it since the 80's and the infrastructure is out there and it is pretty advance.

With Verizon Fios with TV there there are some things the general public doesn't know. Yes it is FIBER to the house, Yes it is tv (actually its from a satellite Provider), but it uses the existing COAX television connection for your tv for the most part. There is alot of expensive equipment to buy, and it can get costly plus a minimum of an 8 hour install period.

Now I am not saying that cable can be much different. Cable has had a fiber network on the poles for the past 10+ years. The service doesn't go out when there is a bad storm unless the poles go down. Depending on where you live you may get some sort of issue with signal levels within the line.

For example if your living in new york city in an apartment building that is 30 years old running the original COAX cable from the 70's when tv first came out you may not get the best service until the building is retrofitted.

But I would stay stick to a 30 year old technology that is proven effective for that it does.

But if you say naota they may not offer the channels that I want like the funimation channel or Anime Network on demand. Call your cable provider ask for them to carry it. Call your friends and family and have them do the same. Those channels do cost the companies money to actually so (fees and other licensing stuff)_ But if you get a good amount of people who want that channel they should be able to get it.

I know this post is long. It is hard to keep it short and simple. But I hope I have explained myself clearly on this issue. if you have any questions you can ask me.

Sure I work for a Cable Company. But I am a Computer Tech and Nerd Before that So my decision is based on facts and experience. Hope you enjoyed.

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The reason why cable prices increase every year isn't because of the cable company wanting to make more money. The sources of the channels (ie stars, hbo, etc.) demand more money from the cable companies to show their content. Because of that, the cable companies have no choice to raise their prices be able to show the content.

I beleive the internet as a medium for anime is great as mentioned above. but sometimes, you may not be able to get the quality that you can only obtain from a good source ie dvd media, or broadcast service like cable or satellite.

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verizon has funimation and has at least one good show every day.

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Better get Time Warner. Verizon says that if you try to upgrade your internet service while you're with them, it will burn your house down.

No, really.

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