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Posted this on another board once - thought I'd try it here too.

Anyhow, if there's one thing otaku folk like more than watching anime, it's poking fun at anime. So, here's a list of the dumb nicknames my otaku friends and I have come up with for beloved anime series; mostly just because we're jerks. Have you and your otaku friends come up with any good ones?

Here they are:

FECL (from FLCL)

Martian Successor Nabisco

Wings of Mayonnaise

Please Save My Ass

Fubar (from "Furuba")

Pedocha (from "Kodocha")

KimiBozo (from "KimiNozo")

Son of Ebichu

To Feart

Crapped Princess

Da Crapo

Coyote Bebop Show

Samurai Shampoo


Legend of Gay Space Nazis

Full Metal Panic Fukoffu

Tsubasa Reservoir Dogs Chronicle

Tsubasa Reservoir Tip Chronicle


Prince of Pennis

Now and Then, Here and There, Back and Forth, Up and Down, To and Fro, Left and Right, Port and Starboard, Fore and Aft, Hither, Thither, and Yon (go on until you get bored)...

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The child abuse show.. (Naurto)

8 years, 8 months ago
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Mobile Suit Gundammit!

Don't forget the ever popular Drag-On Ball because of the amount of episodes it had.

Heck Girl

8 years, 7 months ago
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