Hi, I'm NotoriousNGP (newbie)

Hi, I'm NotoriousNGP, I'm a new poster on these forums and I don't really know why I can't post any comments on other people's comments.

I mostly blog on SNAG Vs. World, my anime blog, but I cover light novels on The Ranobe Cafe and other non-anime stuff on The Emu Island, which covers pop culture and the arts with an Australian perspective.

Pop me a line if you want to comment on any of my blogs, my last post was comparing the anime industry to a stand up routine by Jerry Seinfeld where he talks about men and how they want to watch other guys making things.

Jim Roberts dropped me a line about this place, it looks really shiny. Show me the ropes please!

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Thanks for introducing yourself :)

You should be able to comment now, just by the +5 karma you get from my reply

Maybe you could put some links to the blog posts you mentioned?

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The link to my Seinfeld related anime post is here.

I also have a post about Twilight regarding the character who has the same first name as me (Jacob Black), here.

Hope that starts you off on all my blogging. (That would make a good Beatles song or Weird Al parody, All My Blogging, heh)

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Hey, welcome!

Good to see another aniblogger I know on OP!

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Hello! ^^

8 years, 3 months ago
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