Fumiko's Confession

A new anime short... independently-produced by just some guy on his own, without a studio. I thought it was great!

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This was a really humorous and well thought out piece of work, despite it being amateur and so short. Animation takes such a long time, and anyone who has the ability to create something over 30 seconds long should be respected for their patience and diligence. There seems to be an influence of FLCL in the animation style presented. I definitely got that feeling by how every reaction is very over-the-top and how long she managed to fly through the air just to land on the guy she was confessing to. Not to mention they use a song DIRECTLY from the FLCL OST. Definitely a display of animation ability while establishing the very basic elements of character persona.

Here's a gentle translation of the dialogue exchanges:

Fumiko: Please go out with me!
Boy: I'm sorry! Right now I want to focus on baseball...!

Fumiko: I'll make miso soup for you~! (very loose translation, as it's hard to make out what she says; it's still very silly)
Boy: I'm sorry! I want to focus on baseball...!

Yeah, it's meant to be really random and silly, since young boys are usually devoted into whatever they're into before girls...and vice-versa actually.

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this was incredible!

8 years, 7 months ago
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Wasn't this made by the same guy who made 5cm per second?

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That was awesome. And thanks for the translation!

8 years, 7 months ago
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