The Anime In Your Head

The One Anime, That Would Be Totally Awesome.
The One Anime, That You Would Like To See, That Would Blow Us All Away.

I am of course talking about the anime in your head, that is like Haibane Renmei but with vampires and the Hero would be a CYBORG ...

Come on tell us what it's all about! You know you want to!

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Episode I

13 year old boy finds himself the subject of an investigation but he can not discern why. Let's call him ichigo. He's tall and effeminate. dark hair, you know.

Of course it needs to take place in a school.

And he's always playin it cool, which makes him a heartthrob


wait a minute, this isn't the anime I want to see...

this is the anime... that... uh...

sasha wants to see?

... nobody wants to see?





The anime I want to see:

plot: eh...
characters: boobs (for health reasons)

most importantly:



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Mine is a constant Kingdom Hearts thing. Everyone I see I am like "Oh, he's Marluxia!" or "She's Larxene". Then I watch them and I laugh when they do things the normal character would never do.

8 years, 4 months ago
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