Zelda Trivia: Link's Wardobe

This is the first of a series of posts about the origins of the characters in Ocarina of Time + interesting facts. Hence the title, "Zelda Trivia."

Medieval Hood:

Have you ever wondered where the hero of Hyrule's hat came from? It turns out that the hat he always wears is called, "a medieval hood." It's basically the hat Santa Claus wears without the pom-pom dangling on the end.

According to the article, "How to be a HOOD-lum" Everyone used to wear these to keep their head, neck, and shoulders warm. They were also used to keep cool in the sun.


The tunic was a long garment that went from the neck to the knees or ankles. It was fastened by a belt at the waist.

Wikipedia says that tunics were common in ancient Rome and Greece. After the fall of the Roman Empire, similar tunics were worn during the Middle Ages. Tunics:

  • had different sleeve lengths
  • reached the knees or ankles
  • were worn over an undershirt
  • were worn over pants or hose
  • were usually made of linen

Link's tunic is very similar:


★ Did you know that a yellow-dye plant called, Weld was once used to make blue fabric green?


There's really nothing special about those hunks of leather around Link's wrists except for the fact that they're called, gauntlets.

They're generally plated in metal, but leather gauntlets exist too. They try to prevent your hands from getting chopped off. It's very useful to have these in battle. XD


The boots Link wears are a kind of calf boot. I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Here's an example of a pair from the Merovingian period:

I think it's clear by now that Link was indeed from the Middle Ages if it wasn't already obvious before. :)

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Nice... informative! Bottomless boots? wtf?

I thought "how to be a Hood-lum" was a great name for the article, though not very helpful in finding it I'm sure :P

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Wow. I know you've been researching this for awhile but...wow. Very impressive.

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