Gear With Anime Names?

So I have...

One MacBook, named Suigintou

Three external hard drives, named Suiseiseki, Barasuishou, and Kirakishou

One portable hard drive, named Meimi

One flash drive, named KunKun

One iPod nano, named Ranka

One iPod Touch, named Sumomo

(This doesn't count the NAS, which is named, in concordance with my Dr. Who fan roommates, TARDIS)

I wonder how many other people here have given their tech gear anime-related names?

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Well I don't know if this counts but my best friend calls me, "mini-skirt" referring to Roy Mustang's mini-skirt army. This whole thing kind of started in episode 13 of FMA I think. She calls me this because I drink like three glasses of milk a day or more because it's my favorite drink. I think she started this because Ed like really hates milk, so apparently I'm the opposite and now a part of this so called "army." So whenever she catches me drinking milk with something bizarre like pasta or anything basically, she says, "mini-skirt!" in a taunting tone. Although it may seem like an unhealthy practice I even drink it when I'm thirsty... I know I'm weird. BUT WAIT!! It comes in handy!! The other day I fell about 10 feet out of a tree and my mom thought I broke something. Turns out nothing was broken or sprained and I was able to walk away with minor back and wrist pains for two days. So take that! ;)

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I'm... going to take a wild guess here and say you also drink a fair amount of caffeine... ^_-

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Oh man...

On OS X and Linux you have to give every computer a "name" and when you log in the terminal prompt will say something like:


So I started giving my computers all girls names, mostly from anime or manga I was watching

Powerbook: Rei

Development Machine: Nami

eeePc: Rukia

Desktop: Scarlet (not from an anime, but I'm using it...erm... her right now... ok I'm going to stop talking now)

will add more when I remember them (turn them on)

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I used to name my Hard Drives after angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Eventually they all died.

8 years, 10 months ago
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