Movies your excited for in the world of Sci-fi

2011 seems to be a big year for Comics becoming movies, what do you all think?

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I think the last few years have been big years for the comics. We've had a ton. Daredevil, 2 Hulk movies, Spider Man, punisher, Iron Man, F4... Anyone want to add to that?

What it comes down to is all of these were comics to start off with, and Hollywood has been eating them up into feature films on the big screen, for better or for worse. Worse seems to be the case in many. 2 Hulk movies? C'mon! You should never EVER have to do a movie twice in a 5 year period to get it right.

There will be no stop to this, since the fans eat these up too. We all have our favorite superheroes and will rush to see them in their very own movie, so bring it on, but bring it on in good taste Hollywood!

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I'm holding out for the Witchblade movie, the Fathom movie, and fingers crossed that they will be making a Darkness movie, other than that...will probally miss out on most of them.

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Star Trec! WOOO WHOOOO!!! And im sorry i must say the fifth element is another one of my favortie movies even thought it came out in 1997 ;D

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