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I've only been to one convention so far, and it was a small on in south Texas called "Realms Con". After attending it I was thinking about going to more cons, but I realized that there are other cons that are HUGE compared to the one I attended. So I got to thinking how do they differ?

If you've been to both a small con and a large con, can you tell us how they're different, or how they're the same? I just want to be a little more prepared for whatever cons I go to.

And if you want to see my adventures at Realms Con, here are videos I made. :3

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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I really feel it depends on the kind of person you are. For the record, I've had experience with both.

Small cons are great if you are a timid, careful person who gets easily overwhelmed. It's also great if you haven't been to one before because you can get a feel for the atmosphere, get a grasp of what is offered, and most of all, feel little obligation to go to every single thing as everything is nicely paced. There are also more opportunities to forge friendships with others because everyone is generally in a position to see the same person more than once. If you are going alone, small cons are better in that regard as well, as large cons have a strong tendency to leave one very isolated because of the group dynamic that exists in any mutual gathering.

Larger cons are pretty much the opposite of the above. Whether you're a first-timer or have been to numerous ones, if you're not intimidated by size, long lines, and really planning a schedule in relation to the distance and time it will take to get from Point A to Point B, then large cons are fine. I took my friend to New York Anime Fest about a month ago. As this was her first anime con, I expected her head to be spinning. She was totally calm and just took everything in as I navigated her from panel to panel. Now I had never been to NYAF before either, but I've been to Otakon, the largest con on the East coast. So, of course I had no trouble.

I personally started with a small con that is now defunct. I loved the intimacy and feeling of community that it brought. I don't remember any of the event panels, but have amazing memories of the people I met and interacted with. Though I no longer know any of them, it was still a great experience for me. I also have gone to MangaNEXT, which is still a fledgling con that is not happening this year because of reorganization. The point is, I met many of my current friends there because of the smaller size and less events going on. I now try to meet up with them at AnimeNEXT and even met two of them at NYAF. Making friends you can see again is really the best part about cons I feel..

In my opinion, for the optimum experience small cons are the way to go for 1-2 people, and larger cons are for 3+ people. Just expect the unexpected and be as open as possible. =]

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I prefer the larger ones. Ive been to some small ones but I don't like them as much. The dealers room is much much much smaller, you don't see as much variety in cosplay, and it's generally ( for me) more exciting at larger cons.

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For first timers, the smaller ones can be good so, if you don't know what to expect, you don't get hit with the con equivalent of shell-shock, but after that first one, you'll find yourself wanting to go to the bigger ones as well. The one thing that is cool about the smaller cons is you find yourself seeing people from year to year who you remebmer from previous years, so it's like seeing an old friend.

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I usually go to big cons to party and small cons to relax.

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Large cons are the only kind I have ever been to sooo...can't say much else.

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