what do u think is better from these three top anime

these are the most popluar anime naruto shippuden,bleach,one peice a lot of otaku watch these anime whick 1 do u think is the best at all of them

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Honestly, as much as I hate on Bleach for being boring and generic, I find it to be the best on this list (and one of the better anime shows in general). Though it stumbles around the typical spirit world themes and teenage conflict (earlier in the series, at least), it does a pretty good job of presenting itself to the world.

Naruto is dumb for more than a few reasons, but mostly the overly slapstick immature elements kill it for me. Naruto only helps the argument that anime is for little kids. The same can be said of One Piece, which hit the US on the FoxBox/4kids TV. What a bastardization of anime THAT is!

Poor dubbing aside, Bleach is the only one that bothers retaining any serious elements or mature themes for any period of time. I think you can appreciate it more as an older anime fan, but it is easy to understand if young kids and teens prefer Naruto or One Piece to it.

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I must disagree with the reply below and say that One Piece is in fact the better of the three. Although One Piece starts off as a silly show, it eventually becomes very serious where the villains become so incredibly hate-worthy and are responsible for ruining many lives. Luffy and his crew then continuously struggle to bring evil down and constantly encounter new challenges and adventures. All three shows share similar mechanisms. Everyone will agree that Luffy's 2nd gear power up is very similar to that of Ichigo's bankai. The characters in One Piece are very colorful and interesting with and each one has a completely different back story. Whereas I think that Bleach and Naruto suffers a little from having too many characters and so they aren't as well developed. Then you have to think of filler. One piece has almost no filler. Compared to Naruto where filler was the biggest downfall of the show and Bleach had non-canon (and therefore not as good) arcs inserted in the anime to make up for the lack of manga content at the time.

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None. I know they are popular but I don't see why. They all have a predictable plot since they are so long. =P

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out of those 3 Beach is my choice. i still agree with several of the points made below as well though.

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I am the Narutard Otaku soooooo....i dont know what your talking about but one peice sucks and bleach i like but not as mucha as Naruto so yeah....

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I just started getting into bleach and i allready love it. rukias brother is a totall jackass though.

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