Preview: Fairytale Fights, or "Why is my character naked?"

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Fairytale Fights is a title that sort of caught me off guard. While they don’t come up with many new ideas or characters to fill their game, developer Playlogic Game Factory does put a creative spin on many established game designs. During the New York Anime Festival, I met with two representatives of Playlogic and went hands on with an admittedly aged demo.

The game plays a lot like any other brawler would, giving you a bunch of generic enemies to fight while simultaneously letting you battle your friends for score supremacy and the best weapon drops. Normally that wouldn’t be much to boast about, but the game doesn’t rely on the face buttons for attacking. Of the many systems that I was told about, Dynamic Slicing involves using the right analog stick in a variety of ways to lay waste to those folkloric jerks. Want to knock some hunter into the air? Slam up on the stick. While it seems like it is just a remapping of the face buttons, I can assure you that there is more depth to it than that. There are more dragon-punch or fireball motions used in combat and overall it feels good.

Another new feature is the Volumetric Liquid System. Normally in a brawler, elements like blood or water really have no bearing on the outcome of a fight. However Fairytale Fights gives that lack of attention a swirly by granting liquids on the battlefield a life of its own, or at the very least a deeper purpose than a visual effect. If your character runs onto a puddle of blood (which definitely is inevitable), you can actually slide around the screen on it. This can lead to new ways of charging an enemy or a creative way to piss off your friends. Liquids will also have the tendency to stick to players and fly off to congeal on the ground, creating a sea of blood.

But for those who haven’t figured it out yet, I’d just like to take the time to emphasize on how gruesome this game is. This may be one of the most violent cartoon games I have ever played, even more so than the commonly-compared Fat Princess. Body parts will fly off as your character gets sliced by giant saw blades or when a bomb blows up a redneck villager. During my gameplay, every pixel on the ground was coated with a thick layer of blood. It was both disturbing and arousing, though the later may have been due to the booth babes dressed as Snow White and Red Ridinghood. Actually, yeah it was absolutely because of those beautiful creatures.

I guess the booth babes were a nice contrast to what I still think are underwhelming graphics. The demo I played was several months old, according to the PR rep, but the game never really popped out at me. The sound effects, on the other hand, had a lot more personality to them. If your character throws their weapon at another player or NPC, you will hear the sweet sound of that weapon slicing right through them. Of all the sounds that were to be heard on the show floor, this was the one my mind took home that day.

Should I be turned on by this?

Unfortunately, some of the game's flaws stood out as blatant as a wolf's decapitated head. Although I enjoyed how the game played, controlling your character wasn’t up to snuff. Combat was minimally affected after a little getting used to, but any platforming section in the game were quite atrocious. Physically progressing through the level should only be a major task when playing a platformer. That said, I spent several minutes trying to jump up several levels and equip a rifle that an enemy dropped. I wasn’t the only person who had jumping issues during the game, as many other showgoers apparently also struggled with those sections. Additionally, I witnessed several technical failures after my hands-on. At one point, the PS3 demo froze, and was eventually shut down completely. While I was told that the demo unit was at fault, I am still concerned about how the two console versions will stack up to one another.

At the end of the day, my time with Fairytale Fights was enlightening. I probably won’t have given this game the time of day and would have simply said that it was riding the fat-rolls of a certain PSN game. Being the journalist that I am, conversely, I took the time to learn about the game just for you! There is a creative story and combat system involved, and that's something that's conspicuously absent from most brawlers. It doesn’t seem like Playlogic is just going to kick this game out and let it rot, either. Downloadable Content was mentioned during my hands-on, in the vein of new characters to play as. This should be enough to ensure gamers that this game has a purpose: to melt your face.

Oh, and protip: your face will probably already melt just by looking at The Naked Emperor, who happens to be one of the default characters in the game. Yes, a naked fat guy. Obscure enough, indie crowd?

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Lol, great review of the game Ryan. Definitely gets deeper into it than I was able to as a non gamer.

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Yay for downloadable content. Nay for naked emperors because that was pretty disturbing. ;)

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Got my review copy today. I will post pictures on Flickr soon EDIT! Here is my photo stream.

My god, so much blood...

My Mom was over this morning and she took a look at the box. She said "This could be a game that I could play". That sentiment lasted all of 2 seconds as I replied "Yeah, because you are fucking hardcore about gallons of blood and corporal-dismemberment in your video games."

Such a misleading title, eh? Until you see the RATED M icon at the bottom of the box.

I believe that Tom and I will be talking about our review of the game in two weeks. We have something special this week!

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