What is the most interesting cosplay you've seen/done?

I'm personally a sucker for Domos :] I've always wanted to see a Midna from Twilight Princess in the flesh... Maybe that will be a new project for me... What cosplay have you seen that is super awesome?

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I'd say BumbleBee from transformers at NYAF he was like 9 feet tall.

8 years, 5 months ago
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There was this girl at Animazement here in NC that went as a cardboard robot called the Eco-bot which was not really that cool. What was cool is that you could see traces of a Yuna from Final Fantasy cosplay underneath it. When asked to take off the cardboard, she would take you to a remote area of the Con and show you her true costume because she only wanted pictures of her cardboard suit. Her true costume was so perfect I could not believe it!! She did not even have a wig!! She had dyed and styled her real hair to look like Yuna and she had an identical face. I was one of very few people who got to see it. Her only picture out of the cardboard was at the official Final Fantasy photoshoot.

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Who doesnt like domos?

8 years, 5 months ago
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At SacAnime, ther IS a Midna cosplayer. :)

My favorites to see are reallllly good Yokos. If they have cute tummies. ♥

8 years, 4 months ago
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