Otaku Pride BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER Theme Draft!

On behalf of EtherFuture, a creative circle that I founded, I have officially begun the Otaku Pride Theme project. As this is a solo project, my first goal is to create OP layouts that represent every member of the VOCALOID family. You can read the whole announcement at our blog here if you like.

Anyway, though she isn't a VOCALOID herself, I have much love for her. I am happy to present the 2nd potential theme (and the 1st "dark" theme) for Otaku Pride featuring the popular original character, BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER!

Nina's OP BLACK ROCK SHOOTER layout draft
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  • Fixed drop shadow direction on text
  • Changed gradient dropshadow from white-to-blue to white-to-black
  • Changed View Control links (e.g. Popular) to match the tag colors
  • Changed the number value of red square to "0" to remove confusion
  • @Jim: Wanted to know if the background could go above the "blogs" link
  • Because this is just a draft, feedback is welcomed in order to make this a theme you would want to check out or use full-time. Also, if you are into these, feel free to start voting on which VOCALOID you would want to see a layout for next. It's just more fun that way. =]

    If you haven't yet seen my Miku Hatsune theme, go here and find Jim's post for the Miku theme changer.

    8 years, 8 months ago
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    Awesome looking theme! 5 stars :)

    Question: Is the box with 3 replies red due to the number of replies?

    8 years, 8 months ago
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    I think it looks SMASHING Senpai...! x3

    MOAR B★RS LUV~ <3

    8 years, 8 months ago
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    I think we need some Miku and some Gumi. :3

    8 years, 8 months ago
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