Opening/Ending songs you'd like to hear in an anime?

I was wondering, if you could choose any song at all to be an opening or ending sequence song for an anime, what would it be? And assume that the intro would be reanimated to fit the music.

I'd love to hear "Zzzonked" by Enter Shikari as an opener. Not sure what anime it would work for, though. Something with action, like maybe Naruto or Bleach.

Your thoughts?

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the pillows!

They've already done theme music for FLCL =D

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"Shasou No Shirabe" (Car Window Investigation [my loose translation]) by KOTOKO

This is an amazing song from her "Uzumaki" album I bought when it was release almost three years ago at Akihabara's Tora No Ana. Every time I hear this song, it gives me chills, though I'd rather be able to translate a few lines to justify it. Either way, as a song, I would love to have it as a 2nd OP if Dance of Heart were ever animated...

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Nice question!

I'd like me some chemical brothers - or maybe "... the pain away" from the Peaches. But - Setting Sun - an anime with that song and mood i'd definetly watch.

8 years, 8 months ago
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