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More and more games these days are becoming available as digital downloads. There are huge supplies of less than full scale games accessible on all three console's online marketplaces. In the case of the 360 and PS3, they're even making previously released retail games available for download. To my knowledge though, they have yet to release brand new retail games as digital downloads. However at this rate, they're probably not far off.

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Do you guys like the idea of downloading all your games directly to one place? You wouldn't have to worry about storing all those physical copies and moving them all around. Plus, having the game installed directly to the system likely makes it perform better than it would having to read it from a physical disk.

On the other hand, it would require an obscene amount of space to hold all the games people buy. Plus, there is something to be said about owning the physical copy. I always enjoy buying a game, taking the plastic off and thumbing through the manual before I even place the game in the machine. I suppose however that the same argument could be made for music, but look how well iTunes is doing. I doubt many of us buy cd's anymore.

Do you think the shift will happen? And if it does, is that good or bad?

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I'm on the fence on this once.

I agree, its always nice to own a physical copy of my software, having a physical disc and manual and case for display ... that being said I look at my boxes of games from my consoles and PC game purchases ... and do feel Digital downloads would be a more compact means.

Not to mention less paper and plastic going into the environment when the games do eventually get broken/scratched and tossed.

My concern is that with the advent of digital downloading of games, the concept of pre-order goodies will soon vanish. I like being able to get some kind of figure, or plushie, or artbook with my purchase if I preorder. Sure they can make special in-game electronic pre-order goodies too ... but those aren't as interesting IMHO.

Honestly, it could go either way,. I've got some games I physically own and others are digital download ... all depends on my mood the day I get the game really.

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For re-installation purposes, I think companies should always include hard copies. I wouldn't want to have to suffer a dozen overnight downloads every time I reformat.

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Digital is a great way to go. Storage space is getting cheaper all the time, so space really isn't an issue. You can always store a backup as well on another drive. Digital cuts down on packaging and is better for the environment production wise. Digital will lower consumer costs as well, no shipping charges, most likely no tax, no packaging costs either.

We're getting to that cusp where digital download will be the norm. Take a look at the PSP Go. The first system to be 100% digital. By no means do I think it is the final frontier, or even what will become a current norm for that matter, but it is laying the ground work for future systems, developments and technologies.

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I am going to hijack this post with PC gaming. That said, Steam is doing a terrific job with digital downloads of games. Since games are tied to a specific account and not a machine, you can download the game anywhere, as many times as you need. And it looks like that the Steam revolution has shifted the industry to move toward digital distribution of games. However, many companies aren't able to grasp the correct means to switch over to digital distribution. So currently, the method is somewhat still new, but it is rapidly being adopted by more and more people. Eventually, physical retail will shrink to a point where buying games will only mean being able to skip the download process while registering your game with an online distribution account such as steam, EAstore or MS Live!. We already start to see console gaming turn into that same direction.

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