Do we support our cosplayers?

Maria shared an example of someone with a great costume being made fun of for cross-gender cosplay (girl playing as guy.) I wish I could say I'm shocked, but sadly I've seen this behavior so often that it doesn't actually surprise me.

How many of you have noticed examples of people discouraging (or encouraging) specific types of cosplay? I've seen a lot of debate about whether or not costumes are "slutty," for instance - with people being both in favor of and against that.

When is it right for us to give people our feedback? What kind of feedback is appropriate?

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I think there are really only three cases where it is appropriate to comment either way:

  1. When the cosplayer in question specifically asks for your opinion
  2. When the cosplay is explicit enough to be unsuitable for childen (assuming a public context - in a private setting it shouldn't matter). I don't want to get into the specifics about what level of nudity or violence is ok for kids and what isn't, but there is definitely a threshold beyond which children should not be exposed.
  3. Finally I think that honest, good-hearted compliments or encouragement are always appropriate.
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I am the girl Maria was talking about. I love Reborn but I didn't want all the guests at the party to judge me and be put off by my decision.

I worked as a model for Big Apple Comic Con this past weekend and I was specifically told to wear an eye-catching costume since the attendees were mostly male. I got quite a bit of positive attention and many sexual comments. Unfortunately sex sells.

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I've never been one to pass judgements on Cosplays other than offering my compliments to the cosplayer regardless of whether it's an anime I'm into or if it's a male or female wearing them. They took the time not only to make the cosplay, but had the courage and dedication (for lack of better terms) to wear it to a mass gathering of fans.

That said, some cosplays I've seen have been better played via cross-players than being the corresponding gender. Examples being, Agito/Akito from Air Gear: Best cosplay I ever saw was a girl playing him. A friend of mine cosplays at every con she goes to as Shuichi from Gravitation as her personality matches his.

Oddly enough I've never seen people be overly critical, but unfortunately I think there will always be some who are either snarky or not mature enough to at the very least keep their comments to themselves.

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I think critique is important to improve on anything but there are times when people just plain bash the cosplayer without regard if they actually executed the cosplay wonderfully or not.

Here are some of the guidelines that I think can help in giving good cosplay feedback:

1) Feedback on the costume, props and makeup is always good, just make sure they're pretty reasonable -- cosplayers are otaku too, most just make costumes and props as a hobby and not for a living.
2) One should always be respectful in their comments. I've seen full figured cosplayers who are always bashed even if they have wonderful costumes and have done the cosplay nicely, in high contrast to those who praise people who have poorly executed costumes and are just cute.
3) Do not compare the cosplayer in question with other cosplayers. It takes out the fun in actually wanting to cosplay and improve in the craft. If you must compare, just keep it to yourselves.

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I have run into my fair share of Cosplay I've loved.

For every one of those there must have been 5 I hated. I never disclose my opinion, but I think sometimes the look on my face gives it away.

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