Otaku Things To Do List: Social Deviance

So, I know many of you have cosplay at anime conventions, but have you ever worn anything outside of that bubble? What I mean is, have you ever worn some outfit or wig in a public setting where it would normally not be "socially acceptable" to do so? For the record, Halloween does not count.

My story is one that occurred recently when I was carted away to Virginia to attend the funeral of her father. Not only did I never meet the person who had passed on, but I had never engaged with my mother's side of the family in my life until now. Meaning, they had no clue about who I was or what I was into.

I brought my Setsuna wig with me with the intent of wearing it to the funeral. I had already debuted without the wig, but I was determined to show them 'just who the hell they thought I was'. My brother even criticized me for doing it (like I care what he thinks) and my mother asked me if I was sure, but I wore it to the funeral and no one said a thing. Some who met me at the funeral for the first time treated me completely normal as if it was really my hair. I was already emotionally removed from the gravity of the death anyway.

When you consider the fact that I'm African American going to the South wearing that, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out that even though nothing was said, the stigma of my actions still existed. However, I had never done something like that before and it was a big step for me, not to be an attention whore, but to be true to myself with the limited time they had to get to know me as a person.

So has anyone ever done something like this (or would want to) that took some shred of guts because of the obvious normalcy of the social climate?

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Well, when Mom forced me to sign up for Girl Scout Cadets I wore my Matt outfit along with my cat ears from MTAC. The ninety-year-old leader loved it, but all the little Brownie and Daisy scouts' parents held their kids away from me, as if my crazy was contagious. Loved it. Matt doesn't even look that weird.

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Wait, so dressing in costume in public is not a common occurrence?

So, the fact that at least once a month my crew and I get into our finest pirate garb and go to the local sports bar for karaoke is considered being socially deviant?

Oh, well than I guess that I can add myself to this list. Yeah, we go regularly to karaoke as pirates. People look at us and say, "So what's the special occasion" to which we reply, "Its Thursday!"

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Yeah, I wore my elf ears to school a couple weeks ago and some people thought they were real. It was hilarious. Also, the annoying guys in 6th period bio were flicking the tips thinking I didn't notice. What idiots! Just because they're not part of my ear, doesn't mean I can't feel the gigantuan vibrations. All well. It was awesome and I'm glad I did it. ;)

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I regularly wear otaku accesories, like Kyo aand Azumanga Daioh hats to school.

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I wore cat ears, a wig (black with blue streaks), and a black gothic loltia dress to college. It wasn't Halloween. It was last August. Does that count?

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I wore the haruhi "brigade chief" armband to school for a couple of weeks

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This calls to mind meronpan (Swedish blogger) going around with a dakimakura in public, taking it on a "date" to a cafe, etc. He posted videos of people staring at him with a "what the hell" look on their faces.

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I used to wear my red cat-ear hat to school before they banned hat wearing...and I have had the urge several times to wear my Hawkeye jacket to school, just to see of anyone would realize.

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I regularly wear my hat from Boshi-Basiik to school. :3

Does my hair being permanently purple count also? x)

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Msqueenofjapan, GaaraNeeds2LOL, our friend Marta (not real name), and I are all going to cosplay at the mall at least on my b-day if not before that. Also last year and the year before i was allowed to do pretty much as i pleased. i had a ton of wigs,before an incident that has me re-collecting my anime/manga stash..., anyway I wore a different wig everyday and 'secretly' cosplayed...only my friend knew who i was each day

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I made cat ears out of Duct tape and wore them to school one day. I'm also planning on wearing my Edward Elric jacket to school as soon as I get it =3

8 years, 6 months ago
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Once I went to school wearing cargo shorts with thick stripped red and black leggings,army boots,my red moon dark disaster panda t-shirt, and punk/rock cat eared hoodie. When I find them, I'll show you the pics. (P.S It wasn't halloween.)

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