My brother (Jim) and I just finished watching Gunsword a couple weeks ago, so I figured I'd do a short writeup :)

Here's some stats!

Originally Aired2005
Length26 episodes (22 min)
GenreShonen (Mecha/Fantasy)

Take Cowboy Bebop and replace all the grappler ships with gundams.

Van, the main protagonist, is genearally passive and wears a tuxedo. He doesn't seem to have changed clothes since his (soon to be) wife was murdered in front of him at their wedding.

Needless to say he vows to take revenge on "The Claw" hehehe

The story unfolds with Van rescues a girl that looks like pippy long stocking (in episode 1 not really a spoiler ;)

Pippy (her real name is Wendy) is on her own now because her parents were killed and her brother was abducted.

This anime is kind of cheesy in the beginning, but give it a chance. It gets better! The ending episodes are definitely thrillers. Also, it won’t take you five years to watch. It’s only 26 episodes long.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
Theme Songs: ★★★★★ (I might be biased idk)

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The story sounds a little bit like Outlaw Star as well, which was an awesome anime to watch as well. The thing that always kill me are these series that only last 26 episodes though. It's never enough for me and I'm left wanting more. :( It especially happened with Trigun, one of my personal favorites.

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I need to finish this one, I was skeptical about the setting (reminded me of trigun, which I didn't like at all) but it was awesome.

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Sweet review maria, I'm gonna have to check it out when I get time.

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sounds really cool im gonna have to check it out

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