AkibaStyle.com: J-Pop Culture Specialists

Q1: Who is akibastyle.com

Kensuke Yamamoto (Tokyo)
Tsunetake Ito(NY)
are the management team of akibastyle.com

Q2: Where is akibastyle.com based

We are based in both New York City and Tokyo.

Q3: When we started

August 2009.

Q4: What is akibastyle.com

Akibastyle.com is an agency for American J-pop culture related specialists as well as it is a web site that reports the hottest news from Akihabara and other places in Japan that is about Japanese pop culture. We will constantly update our blog that will of course be written in English. Our strongest points are having a staff in Tokyo. Our staff can report the freshest topics of what is going on over in Tokyo from a Japanese point-of-view.

Q5: Why you started it?

Pop culture has been dominated by the Western countries for a long time. Fashion, Music, Movies and all kinds of other entertainment. But, in recent years things have changed quite a bit. There are a lot of interesting things coming out from Asia too. Because all of us are Japanese we are ready to show the States what kind of stuff is going on in Japan right now. We would love to represent our country by introducing the Hottest Otaku culture, Fashion trends, Music etc..

We would also love to help the people here to create their own style of Japanese based pop culture.

Each one of our members has lived in the States more than a decade. We thought we could apply our experiences here to introduce Japanese pop culture (which is our thing and we can relate to naturally in some way) to American people seriously. We simply would love to be a Japanese project team who are both in Tokyo and New York.

Eventually we would be able to introduce more things to entertain both Japanese and American J-pop culture fans and fill in the gap of this related genre. It could be a small step for otaku culture in the States but with people’s help and participation we believe we can accomplish our goal.

Q6: How will you accomplish your goal?

We are planning on throwing a J-pop, Anime related club event (small scale) every once in a while.

We are also willing to support artists, musicians, voice actors, cosplayers, and any kind of talent who are trying to breakthru in this business.

As our first step we reserved a booth at NYAF2009 to do a survey. The survey participant received a free copy of J-pop/anime mix CD (produced by DJ JINNAI) after his/her participation We are now actively networking with people who answered the survey to receive more feedback and opinions about a working plan. Our networking has been gradually but very successfully moving forward. We are hoping that we reach as many people as possible.

We are currently planning on creating Anime, J-pop mix CDs. You can actually find the DJ JINNAI free cd in a couple of comic toy stores in NYC. If people like our mix CDs, we are planning on having the DJs spin in our events.

Any type of requests, questions, and feedback on our activities would be highly appreciated! We need your help and opinions. Please email us to info@akibastyle.com. よろしく。

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As the founder of EtherFuture, I'm certainly interested in what they have planned and their target audience that they are going for. Them having connections over the Pacific is a major asset. I admit that their intention on helping out voice actors and artists caught my eye the most.

I can see this as a potential opportunity to network with them and create an atmosphere where both sites (OP and akibastyle) can bounce ideas and collaborate for events. If nothing else, they can certainly be a great networking asset to help each other achieve target goals.

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sounds great :D

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