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At the risk of starting a war, which console do you guys prefer? What do you base your decision on? The interesting thing about this generation is how many non-game aspects there are to each. Let's assume you have neither system and you want to buy one. alt text

At first glance, they look pretty similar. They now cost the same price (assuming you're buying the 360 elite) and many of the games are cross platform. Also, as console gaming reaches a wider audience, there will be less people buying them based on past loyalties. In that same vein is the xbox live arcade and the playstation network. If you consider these the 360 starts at a disadvantage because of the price tag. Would you rather pay fifty dollars a year or nothing? Granted, the xbla offers more consistent content than the psn, but sony has been improving it a lot lately. Also, it may be a small thing, but I really like that on the psn, you only have to spend exactly what you want. Buying microsoft points annoys me to no end. I don't like being forced to buy more than I need and always have an awkward number left over. Sony's machine also comes with an internet browser. It may not be the best one around, but its a free feature they didn't have to throw in.

Most people are likely to agree that despite the 50 dollar price tag, xbox live does offer a more streamlined experience than the playstation network. Networking is much simpler in the way of adding and communicating with friends. Also, come November, both facebook and twitter will be features for gold members. So in this category, 360 likely wins.

So 300 dollars either way, but a slightly better online experience on the 360 if you're willing to cough up the extra 50. Then all the money for the stuff you buy online. Hardware wise, you get a lot more for your money when you buy sony. If movies are a big pass time for you and you have the television for it, the blueray player makes a strong selling point. The ps3 also comes with a built in wireless router, for 360 that will run you about 75 dollars. Maybe that's enough of a savings to sway your purchase towards sony, maybe not. If you were still on the fence as to which console is worth your hard earned money, maybe the fact that the 360 has a higher failure right than any other system would be the final point you need. Mine has failed twice so far and my ps3 is still running strong, so do with that what you will.

alt text

So in summation, if you include online experience, the 360 costs more, but is slightly superior and a better networking tool. With the PS3, you technically get more for your money as well as a more reliable machine. What do you think is better? What would you recommend a new buyer spend their money on?

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Xbox is not a very reliable piece of hardware, but you can't argue with the platform: it has a very large library and lots of great titles (not like wii with it's large library and very few good titles)

It is also the target platform for lots of games (I'd say most even) which means a less buggy experience and usually the earliest release.

PS3 has several great exclusive titles, but We'll see. I'm still on the fence about buying a ps3. And my xbox hasn't yet red-ringed *fingers crossed*

I have to say: with the price drop, the ps3 is a better piece of hardware for the money without a doubt...

I'm just not convinced that it matters

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It's kind of difficult to choose between the two, but if I had to, I'd choose the 360, mainly because of the titles. But if I could get both, I totally would (Yes, I don't own ANY of the current generation, lol).

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My brother got the PS3 slim though it don't play his ps2 games nd the original PS3 plays both. the Xbox 360 gets broken to easy. but xbox 360 has better graphics nd has A better selection of has a better online loading times and Xbox 360 is a better community. eitherway the balence looks sort of even. But I would go with the Xbox 360. Jus Play on the Aleinware Computers they r so much Cooler than Xbox 360, PS3,or even Wii.

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Thnx 4 the tip. I'll keep that in mind.

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I already own both but I tend to play with my 360 more b/c I tend to get a better online experience with games like Halo and COD4. That's not to say the PS3 is boring mainly b/c of games like MGS4(I know some of you have problems with it), Uncharted 2 and InFamous(don't care if that's how the title goes).

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Xbox because it's awesome and you can stream stuff from Netflix with Xbox Live!

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Well for me I went for the PS3, for many reasosns... xD

For starters, It's the one console I'm used to obviously among all the new ones... xP

The controller and everything with it, I'm just most relaxed with unlike the Xbox in which I can't use not one bit, I'm a complete slob with that one... ^__^;

Now for the games, a lot of my favorite are on the PS3 so naturally I moved towards it for the majority it had cause the more it had 'em the more I liked 'em~ x3

Another feature about I like is it provides you with a Blu-ray player which is a big plus giving it more then playing usage... :3

That's basically it, I'm not a fan boy but I like it best~

8 years, 2 months ago
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