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Well, I can safely say that there is actually something to expect when it comes to the new game from Playlogic. Even though we played a not-so-recent demo release at NYAF, the demo quickly conveyed the sense of the game to everyone that was there. We played a 2 player co-op on the XBox 360 with 2 demo levels. The game had 10 hours of play at the time and players have unlimited lives. On release, the game will be 4 player with online play as well. It will release on Playstation 3 and XBox 360, with PC release expected soon after, which is no surprise since Playlogic is very familiar with the transition of games into the PC market.

Fairytale Fights combines many gaming styles into a Hack and Slash, Beat 'em Up Platformer. As a multiplayer game, players can join in and drop out whether online or offline and can have any mix of local players and online players. Four characters were available at the time of the demo, which were Snow White, Beanstalk Jack, Naked Emporer and Red Ridinghood. There were hints of more characters, though names were not dropped. I have a strong hunch we will see the Pied Piper as a playable character.

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Fairytale Fights is built on the Unreal Tournament 3 engine, a familiar one to many gamers. Some might say: "yea we've seen this engine in a million games." This game is different. In addition to the solid Unreal engine is the real highlight of this game, Dynamic Slicing. What is dynamic slicing? Well, your right thumbstick is the attack button, so any was you move the stick, is the way your character slices in the game. Another huge innovation for the game is its Volumetric Liquid Coagulation System. What does that mean? Blood will pool up and stick to surfaces just the way liquids would in real life. Is that a puddle of blood on the ground? Slide through it!

Fairytale Fights has hundreds of weapons, including projectiles, bludging weapons, slicing weapons and potions. Projectiles can be thrown after ammo is used up. Potions can be thrown or drank for special powers. Players can carry two weapons at a time. Charging attacks can be done at any time and special Glory Mode attacks can be done after the weapon begins to glow.

Characters had a bit of a gritty feel to their movement during the demo. Enemies seem to all look the same. They all look like dumb lumberjacks. I was very impressed with the amount of detail in the environment as well as the interaction with certain objects in the game. Overall Fairytale Fights is a fun game to play with others. The game bring a lot of laughs and crude humor to your screens. I would definetely play this game if I was bored or had some friends over or was just looking to have a good time for a bit. Looking forward to playing the game on release and maybe seeing some of you out their over them internets.

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Yes, this game looks awesome!! Wow, not what I expected though...in a good way I guess. I look forward to playing with the new dynamic slicing thingy and sliding through blood, something I've always wanted to do. Can't wait to kill my own teammates...WHAA HA HA HA HA!! What? I didn't say anything...Kinda of sad I didn't play it at NYAF. I'm happy jack will be appearing the game cus he was my favorite fairytale character when I was little. :)

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I just downloaded the game i heard about on the OP podcasts Fat Princess and Fairy tale fights looks like the exact same thing is that true?

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