Anti-manga official seeks to deny libraries funding

Some of you have probably heard of Joe Holloway. He's the politician who found sexual humor in a Dragonball Z manga at a school library, and publicly vented his outrage.

Anime Diet has discovered that Mr. Holloway has an ongoing pattern of denying funding to libraries and related projects, and this outrage of his comes just as he is calling for spending cuts. Click the link to see evidence that suggests that he delayed his reaction to the manga for maximum political effect.

Do you think politicians really believe that manga are harming children and society, or is the hue and cry usually a pretext for political gain?

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I honestly feel that the politicans won't fund anything that they really don't understand, or even want to know/care about....They all live in their 2x2 boxes and like it there.

Really sad to be that ignorant to the world around you

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This just proves how ignorate people are and how dumb they can be. These people are prohibiting the diversity of literature from other nations. They should be smacked hard with a yaoi paddle!

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As a parent I understand that I have to preview everything my young child reads and listens to. It can be a lot of work but that's what being a parent is all about. Many times I'd come home with new anime and have to tell my young child this is not for you. As far as Dragonball Z, Yes it is full of great sexual humor along with action and fighting. It's the parents job to say this is ok or not, they have to be more involed than letting anyone else tell them what is ok for their own kids.

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Exposing children to nudity is wrong (i think), but discovering and exploring your sexuality is part of growning up. The sooner people accept that, the better off we'll be. America is so uptight about sexuality which is about love and life and is completely natural, yet totally cool with accepting violence and death (action manga, movies, video games, etc).

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Sadly, in alot of cases, when people don't understand the things that interest others, they are sometimes unlikely, especially in the case of some politicians, to listen even to an iota of explanation.

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I think it's sad that people can be so narrow-minded, especially those with power in government. Their narrow-mindedness comes from not understanding the appeal of mangas to those who enjoy it, and is furthered by their lack of willingness to understand why it's so appealing. They don't have to like it, but they should realize that there are people who do and that they shouldn't condemn something they don't understand.

But alas, is that not one of the great flaws of humankind? That which is unknown and not understood will be feared and rejected by those who do not understand, and those who say that it is wrong will be shunned along with it.

Depressing thought, eh?

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Cultural norms differ as to what is acceptable for youngsters in Japan vs. in the U.S. The manga might not be acceptable by our norm for the age group toward which they were given to. In Japan things of that type of sexual nature are deemed appropriate. There is nothing wrong with this, it's just how the cookie crumbles.

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Like what they say in my sex-ed class, "Don't 'Yuck' someones 'Yum'!" I can't believe he is making a big deal out of this. If he doesn't enjoy manga, then let him go read some official letters or something and just leave our hobbies alone.

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