Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor

Those of you in the new york area might like this, a lot!
A new exhibit will be opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art of the Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armor
October 21, 2009–January 10, 2010

Armor, swords and sword mountings, archery equipment and firearms, equestrian equipment, banners, surcoats, and related accessories of rank such as fans and batons will all be on display at the exhibit.

The exhibit is showing pieces that date from the Heian period (ca. 1156) through to the end of the Edo period (1600–1868)

alt text Note: Armor does not come with that guy.

alt text

Painted scrolls and screens will be on display ad are a window into the daily life of the samurai, depicting battles, sports, warriors and castles.

alt text              Edo period scroll

Also there is a special panel/lecture November 8th:
Speakers include Morihiro Ogawa(curator of the exhibition), Victor Harris(British Museum) our friends from The Japan Society; Norio Suzuki(Director-General) National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo; and Okisato Fujishiro(Japan's leading sword polisher and connoisseur

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That's pretty cool! Also, I'm pretty sure Sai from Hikaru No Go was from the Heian period.

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Very nice! Wonderful pics - looks like an impressive exhibit. Hopefully we'll get people interested in this.

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I remember seeing some displays last time i went but i don't think I saw this much. That's pretty cool. It reminds me of how the Gundam/ Mobile suits were actually based on samurai armor.

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Hey! I went to thet exhibition with my grandmother and it was very cool! they show you how swords are made and there were funny looking helmets on display. one of them had a long piece of metal sticking out of it and when the person wore it to battle, the enemy mistoke it for a flag so they shot his head off with a cannon. there was also a helmet with an eeenoormous golden cocroach on it.

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