Bleach - Ratings vs Money

As it is now, the industry rewards successful shows who throw in filler arcs and padding around the core story (with advertising revenue).

The industry I am referring to is the television industry. Anime, yes - Bleach, yes - but in the end it applies to all of television.

I don't know the answer but I was hoping you could help me out. What system will work better than what we currently have?

The manga -

The bleach manga does not seem to be suffering the same kind of quality loss as the anime in it's success.

Is that because it is not as successful? Maybe. I think it probably has more to do with Tite Kubo retaining control of it.

Could we really make a rule (or a system) where the original artist retains artistic control?

I hope so. Maybe Crunchy Roll has the answer

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It's really not a matter of retaining artistic control. It's basically the sad fact that long running anime series tend to catch up to the manga-ka's story that they are presenting in the manga, but television producers can't wait for the manga-ka to come up with an episode's worth of material that could be anywhere around 20-30 manga pages. This is how "filler" comes about so as not to halt the momentum of viewership. Mind you, this does not happen to every manga-to-anime work.

The best "rule" that could be made is to let the manga be completed in Japan and then begin the television animation. However, if that happened, there is a chance there would be a major slow down on how many series we would see coming out every season. This may not bother some, but viewers like variety. It's just how the system works in Japan. Anything that the West gets is just a product of that system that we have no control over whatsoever.

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Bleach has previously caused me to think some of the same thoughts regarding what an anime can do to a manga. The quality disparity is just that noticeable.

People I've had conversations with insist this is inevitable, but I don't think it is. Evangelion is wildly successful despite going years and years without anything resembling new releases (of course, now they're releasing stuff, but for several years there was hardly anything - just a manga remake or two.)

It's not necessary to keep an anime going season after season in order to sell things. Yes, it works, but it's hardly the only way.

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