Mirror's Edge & Anime?

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Hmmmmm... I don't Know. The whole story line is created like this, but is it considered anime?? Tell me what you think. :D

Fyi: Even if you don't consider it anime it's still an amazing game.

Faith Connors (women in picture)+ Me= <3 forever :DD

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It's not what i would call pure anime, but there is significant variance even between styles of anime. So for game art, I would say it's damn close.

Close enough in fact. It is much closer to what is generally known as anime than the art in the final fantasy games.

In any case, if we were going to discuss anime in games, I this this would be one of the first to come up

So... yes (that's my answer and I'm sticking to it - for now)

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Awesome Jim Thanx 4 the response :D

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Yeah totally agree with Jim on that.

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