Yoshiyuki Tomino at New York Anime Festival

Mobile Suit Gundam celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, and creator Yoshiyuki Tomino (富野 由悠季) was the guest of honor at New York Anime Festival. Anime Diet recorded his keynote address.

Tomino was very dignified throughout his appearance at the convention. In keeping with his professional demeanor, he made a great effort to be polite. Even when asked directly, he refused to say anything bad about his experiences working with Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム). It has been widely observed that in the early days, Tezuka’s budget was tight and his deadlines were brutal, which many have speculated may have led to a hostile working environment. During the Q&A session following his speech, Tomino suggested that anime creation in general creates friction, noting, “If working together with others was easy, I would have produced thirty more works like Gundam.”

Full article here, with video and pics.

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Shame about the translator... any word on the official translation?

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