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Hey whats up, its the hatefulhomo here bringing you a different preceptive on NYAF. Now I am glad New York has an anime convention, for awhile we were subjugated to travel to....ugh new jersey to enjoy our anime passion. But there is a problem, first off they way the convention is run, only one day is enough, the vendors are pretty lame, I mean how many weapon shops, and loli clothing store do you need at a convention, the artist alley is awesome, but we could use more people I mean why doesnt FIT and SVA have booths? doesn't new york have several visual arts school? also the maid cafe is very annoying and needs a bit of management, i mean I have been to an actually maid cafe and that my friends isnt it. There is a lot of chaos at the event and it needs a bit of restructuring. I mean a few ideas hit me, a anime sing along. more activities to keep people entertained, maybe some group activities. If anyone is on the board please lets make this event better I love NY and NYAF I will go to every time, but come on! some of the events going on have nothing to do with anime, why have a call of duty or halo tourny at an anime convention, why not a melty blood, arcane hearts tournament those have a lot more to do with anime then what they had there. I mean this isn't brain surgery this is basic stuff.

But there was alot of cool thing=s there, I had fun at the iron cosplay, and the interview and panels there were awesome. The anime previews were cool, though most of those animes I had already seen. It was fun to meet and network with alot of other anime lovers and I probably upgraded my facebook friends about ten fold. In the end its all about the fun and love of anime so in that right i think NYAF fulfilled there mission

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I agree with you all on this NYAF is still in it's infancy. More anime-related stuff should be at the convention and it would be nice if more schools had booths, I mean it is New York and New York is full of art schools...

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I have to agree with both of you on this. This year the con had a bit less to offer than last years. However, it was still good.

Yes there was a lot of weapons booths and the maids being unorganized. But For the most part everything flowed pretty well. New York Anime Festival Reports 21,388 Total Attendees. That is about a 16 percent increase in attendance.

You have to figure this is the third NYAF that was put on. It is still in its infancy. So I would expect some minor kinks. But as the Con gets older and has more convention time put under its belt you should see it get better and better each year.

Nothing is perfect. The Main think you need to think of is to have fun. That is the reason why I go to a Convention. TO have fun. Participate in the Activities and to meet people with the same interests I have.

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The fact of the matter is, the industry is going through a lot of restructuring and stress. Their turnout did not grow in the same way as previous years due to the economy and overall there were less resources to go around.

As well with the dealers. Business people have an obligation (to their investors and their own pocketbooks) to only take measured risks. Many of the more experimental and innovative dealers could not afford to take the risk this year.

It's sad, but I'm confident it will improve!

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Vertical and Tokyopop had panels - between them and Del Ray I felt that there was quite a bit of industry for a convention in its third year.

Is no one impressed that they were able to get the creator of Gundam, Tomino, as their guest of honor? His speech was very cool, though very hard to understand. Yui Makino also released a CD at NYAF that had yet to be released in Asia!

I'm not saying it was all good - definitely, the maid cafe and the dealer's room could use looking at. The biggest deal I heard of in the dealer's room was an obscure doujin artist who came over from Japan. Sharing with World Cyber Games was a cool idea in theory but the gamers didn't mingle, so it was like they were just taking up space.

Cencoroll did its American premiere at NYAF as well - I skipped all the panels of anime I'd seen but I did make sure to catch that, as I'd wanted to see it for some time.

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Don't knock New Jersey!!! We are awesome!!! >:^(

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Nice post, you bring up some good points there.

I agree with you on the maids. That was pretty unorganized.

I'd love to see more industry representation. It was great to see Del Ray there, and they were awesome! Where was the rest of the manga industry? As Del Ray put it at the panel, "Del Ray loves you more."

SVA did have a booth, it just wasn't in artist alley. They were showing a lot of their own original works, which was very neat, and they did a great job.

WCG was a pretty huge sponsor so I understand why they played those games.

I'd like to hear some more of your ideas. Anything to make the conventions better is a benefit to everyone involved.

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