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A big part of anime fandoms for a lot of people is shipping characters. In case you guys have never heard the term, 'shipping' means that you pair two characters in a show together in a romantic relationship. For a lot of series, they're usually two characters who are the canon couple, or at least heavily implied as such. Within fandom though, it doesn't matter who is the 'canon' couple or couples, people ship way out of the boundries of the show.

I think that that's a lot of what allows yaoi and yuri to exist and be so popular. Obviously most shows aren't completely directed towards either of those genres (and it's hard to find one that's actually a show and a good one, if they are) so most fans think outside of the confines of the show and ship what they'd like too. Unfortunately, a lot of people who ship pairings do it just for the 'pretty' or even 'for the gay'. I've heard both, and it's really disappointing to me. I mean, would you have a relationship with someone in real life just because you both looked pretty? (Obviously some people might, but that isn't the point.)

I ship a lot of pairings, but they all have chemistry with each other. They interact, and it's for their relationship that I like them to be together. While I like yaoi, yuri, and het, I'm actually starting to get bothered by the amount of yaoi that's around fandoms, because what about the canon pairings? I know it can be boring to some people, but sometimes it's like that for a reason, and the chemistry/dynamics are interesting. Besides, there's only so much of something you can read before it gets boring.

Opinions, guys?

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In all seriousness, I only respect relationships if it's cannon to the series (Adell + Rozalin) or one that is heavily implied (Laharl + Flonne). Yaoi doesn't bother me much, though when my friends ask me to look up fanart for something and I endup seeing massive poorly drawn fangirl artwork of Sauske onto of some muscular rendition of Luffy, it makes me gag. I actually rarely see, if not never seen any actually Yuri art. But...and I say BUT if the match is believable to some extent, it seems ok.

Also when people make OC's and have every man, woman, furry, and child after them, it makes me wanna throw my computer through the floor. If yah think yah OC needs someone, MAKE ANOTHER DAMN OC!

I think I'll stop here...and go back to playing my PSP (my bad for those two Disgaea references.)

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Historically, my perspective has always been that fanfic pairing is a great, harmless way for someone to express their love of the relationship between two characters. Even if those characters don't quite have the relationship the fic writer is hoping for, the fanfic allows the writer to experience that glory for a brief moment.

However, as someone who has actually been shipped (written by other people without my consent into an X rated story), my perspective of this is now . . . somewhat skewed. So I'll add the caveat that it's great as long as you're not dealing with real, live people.

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Shipping is just a part of the fan culture. When the author doesn't create couples, the fans do it themselves. I've always found it interesting part of fan fics. Although all the yaoi shipping in Gundam Wing turned me off the series.

AS for O.C.s I don;t have a problem with them either as long as they are done well, same goes for O.C. paring with original characters as long it's entertaining I don't mind.

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