NYAF: An overview

Had a great time down at NYAF this weekend. Great to see a few of you guys down there. I'm driving back up to Rochester in a bit and will post all of our adventures later tonight.

We attended Saturday and Sunday. Sent out 1.5 million tweets talked to 50 narutos, 7 pokemon, 2 storm troopers, 1,000 mikus and a ton of others. Gave out 800 Otaku Pride stickers, and too many free hugs.

We went to pannels for Viz Media, Del Ray Manga, The state of the anime and manga industries, FUNimation, and others that I'll remember later. Interviewed bout 10 awesome people (will name all later) and made contacts with some really neat groups.

Hope you guys look forward to the full extended version later tonight.


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It was really awesome to see some of you guys. I feel like a complete ass for not staying longer. I really wanted to, but con lines are terrifying. D: And the line for the Masquerade already wrapped around about ten times by the time we got down there.

But even so, next time it will be even more epic. Hopefully because it'll be at a con where I'm there all weekend and actually have time to hang out. XD AND PLAY MARVEL VS. CAPCOM. I'll invite people into my hotel room for that one, since I'll have one!

I am looking forward to the extended version tonight, I'll post about a bunch of the stuff I did too.

ALSO. Thank you guys SO MUCH for the pizza (especially Jim for bringing it down, sorry if I freaked you out for being all, "WHO ARE YOU" when I called your cellphone back.) That was a lot of my group's dinner, so it was awesome.

Nina, next time we see each other we need to actually have a good conversation. Everything was so distracting, especially with the time constraints and the Pokemon trivia.


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Boob grab, $5

nuff said.

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I also covered the Bandai panel unofficially. So I'm hoping to get a nice post together myself for that. I have a feeling we won't be having a podcast this week, but plenty of articles from you and Mori.

Really glad I could meet many of you and at least have a bit of conversation. =] Hope I didn't disappoint anyone, ahaha..It really did feel natural to meet with you all, especially Ryan. You amuse me in a special way.

And Fox, it would be great to have a good conversation with you next time around and play some MvC. ^^ Agreed that it was pretty distracting all around, and before I knew it you and many others were there and gone. XD I think you have an LJ and know Rhianna. If I'm right, then we can friend each other there too. =]

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I'm really sorry that I missed out on meeting up with you guys, but like naota stated before I never got a message about the meet up. I'm pretty sure that we were seen all over the place though. I hope there will be another chance in the near future for a meet-up (even if it's the next con)

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I had a lot of fun on Sunday.

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Meh, I was there. My friend got sick, so I left early on Saturday ;_;

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