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I have a TON of Manga and I really have to fight myself to sell to anyone other than another book lover. (Most of them are in awesome condition save for a few that I managed to painstakingly pry from a water heater accident and salvage. I've been collecting since middle school and I've long since graduated. I don't mind trading either! I'll list what I have first and then what I'm looking for second.

LOOKING TO TRADE/SELL Negima 1-12 (have duplicates so I only need one copy xD) Vampire Knight 1,2,3,5 Kare Kano 1,2 Kamichama Karin 6 Kingdom Hearts 1 Absolute Boyfriend 1,2,4 (I think i have one more laying around too) Love Hina 5,6 Queen's Knight 1,2 Love Recipe (mature) Aftier i Win (mature) Inu-yasha 4,5,9 Pita-Ten 1,2 R.O.D. 1,2 Life 1,2,3

LOOKING TO TRADE (NEEDED) Tsubasa 12+ Ouran High School Host Club 11+ Hot Gimmick 11-12
Planet Ladder 5-7 Millenium Snow 3-4
MoonBoy 4-9
Hissing 2-6
Sugarholic 2-5
S.A (Special A) 5+
Magical x Miracle 5-6
Time Stranger Kyoko 3
The Gentleman's Alliance 9-11
Yurara 4+
Snow Drop 12
Your and My Secret 2+
VB Rose 2+
La Corda D'Oro 2+
Full Moon 2+
St Dragon Girl 2+
Butterflies, Flowers 2+
Wild Ones 6+
Alice in Dealines 3-4
Kage Tora 5+ Queen's Knight 4+
Negima 23+

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