Anyone getting tired of music games?

I think that question makes a lot of sense to ask nowadays, especially with two major music games being released yearly, plus all the side projects of those companies in between. Probably the first music game many of you played was either the original guitar hero or dance dance revolution. Of the ddr games there have been plenty, probably too many, depending on who you ask. However those games have pretty much played their part. What most people likely think of now are the guitar based games.

Besides all the arguing that rockband provides better songs while guitar hero provides better instruments, is there really any reason that we need two games that offer essentially the same thing? If activision got a hold of harmonix again and let them handle DLC then maybe I wouldn't complain so much. But that's not the case and there are too many expensive games.

Guitar hero, guitar hero 2, guitar hero 3, guitar hero rockband (wtf?), and guitar hero 5, to name a few of Activisions conquests. What a waste, so many new games being created when all they really needed to do was offer more DLC. By the way, I'm not sure if you all heard, but if you preorder GH5 you get HG Van halen free! They're actually giving away a free extra game and I don't care because I've just had so much of the same crap thrown at me year after year with essentially no new innovation that makes me want to drop 200$ and make room for another stupid drum set. I hate peripherals. (That goes for you too, nintendo!

My roommate recently purchased Beatles Rockband. Upon first look, I really thought this game would cure me of my skepticism. Being a fanatic beatles fan, I really took to this game. But after playing and singing a few of my favorite songs, I recognized the identical formula of past games and found myself bored of the experience after less than an hour of playing. Ringo doesn't like being an android.

And now, they have DJ hero and scratch the ultimate dj coming out. Two new music rhythm games in a new genre already! I can't keep up, nor do I have the desire. I haven't even mentioned all the handheld/iphone interpretations of this genre. And I don't want to. What do you guys think? Should we have more of these games? Or have we as gamers had enough already? alt text

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I agree that the market is getting flooded, but it's hard to argue against millions of dollars

Also, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely amped about Beatles rock band

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The only rhythm game I've ever remotely cared about and paid close attention to was DDR. I personally think that if people are enjoying the challenge of new songs and the formula works, that's what developers are going to make to keep fans happy. Hollywood follows the same mantra with television right behind. It's all a matter of what sells. If you don't like rhythm games, then don't pay attention to them. If you think the market is too saturated with the same kind of thing, just look at the manga market and the similarities between series.

A niche is a niche. Consumers are consumers. Choices are made by both sides and that's really all that should particularly matter in the end.

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It's true they continue to come out with more and more Guitar Heros. I prefer Rock Band cus it has drums though, (I play) but I'm not very good yet...but it would be pretty sick if they had Lego Rock Band just because. I mean I've always been a hard core Lego fan and probably always will be, but I can see where they're taking things a bit far. Maybe it's just because they keep raking in the money and won't stop until they start losing it.

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