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I would like to start an Otaku Pride discussion series called Otaku Things To Do List. Anyone can add on to this series so I won't be the only writer, but I think this will help get our heads outside of the box and really consider the eccentric AND expected aspects of being various types of "otaku." Some topics, like this one, may show off your "pride" to being honest with the community to foster real discussion. We'll see how it goes I guess. My first discussion is on the subject of crossplay.

Simply put, crossplay is cosplaying as a character that is the opposite gender as you. Crossplaying has become fairly common among females because of bishounen-driven series like Ouran High School Host Club and Axis Powers Hetalia (friend of mine cosplaying as APH Poland) but females have been doing this even before such series came around. Ever seen a female Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing) or a Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin) that appeared particularly appealing? That was crossplay in action.

Though this topic mostly rings true for those who have been attending anime conventions, the population of male/female crossplayers is highly imbalanced. One could speculate that it is just easier for a female to wear male clothes and fit a character, unlike males who would have to put in effort to pull off a convincing female cosplay usually referred to as traps. And then there are those who don't care how convincing they look and simply just throw on the outfit unabashedly for the lulz. What is very clear is that females have no problem dressing up as their favorite male character for many reasons. However, males are not so keen on the idea of dressing up as their beloved female character for probably just as many opposing reasons as females.

Though I have only cosplayed on a serious level once in my life (ANEXT '09), I have always been very interested in doing more cosplay, and eventually moving into crossplay. What has been a big deterrent for me is my lacking confidence to pull off a female character in a way that doesn't give people nightmares. Dressing up is not a problem for me, but I absolutely refuse to do this until I have someone who can do up my face so I can pass. I keep myself in shape, so my body (other than getting rid of pesky hair -_-) doesn't bug me either. Of course, I also need a wig and someone who can get my measurements right...

So feel free to find this curious or horribly disturbing. Regardless, this is on my Otaku Things To Do List. Feel free to share your opinions on the matter or ask me any questions. Goodness knows you have them..

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I think this is a great topic to have in ANY anime/cosplay themed discussion, I honestly have no quams, problems, issues with people cross dressing as long as they have fun with it and they are comfortable with doing it and don't feel pressured into doint it.

This year I was actaully thinking of going as Bak-chan from D.Gray-Man and having my boyfriend still going as Komui and really throwing people for a loop when I went to go kiss him.

Trading stories, tips and what-not would be a great way to help future crossplayers (call me crazy)

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I have honestly only cosplayed as a female one time in my entire cosplaying career (yes, I'm going to refer to it as a career, because I know there's a better word but I'm blanking right now.) I've been going to cons for three or four years now.

Odd thing is, I actually have wigs for two different female characters (Haruhi Suzumiya and Nia Teppelin) but I haven't gotten either of those cosplays done/bought them.

In any case, I'm really familiar to crossplaying. I think it's because I like/enjoy cosplaying as male characters more than female, and a lot of female characters who I like wear stupid short/revealing clothing which I couldn't wear without mentally scarring everyone in the vicinity, which I'd prefer not to do. If I had the body for it though, I probably would.

I've never 'properly' crossplayed, (I don't have the money for a binder/it'd be difficult for me/I like to breathe) and (annoyingly) for me, I have a very obvious girl-face, and I'm not sure someone who was awesome with make-up would even be able to cover it (though I'd like to try.)

I think it's awesome when guys do crossplay, except I'd prefer for them to do it properly. While Man-Faye is equal parts hilarity and distrubing, it kind of bothers me when a guy is in a skirt with incredibly hairy legs. (Unless it suited/was right to the character, of course.) I wouldn't do it if I was a male to female crossplayer, I don't see why anybody else would.

I do have to say that I have a lot of respect for guys who crossplay and do it well though, 'cause obviously if someone decides to be an ass it's going to be to them before it would be to a female-crossplayer.

Though I will admit, it sucks when a guy pulls off a female better than me. Damn you males and your skinny figures.

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Crossplaying is really fun, and I love doing it. I've only really crossplayed once (as Matt from Death Note), and that was for my first anime convention this year. It was great, and it's hard for me to even consider dressing up as a girl. I look good in boy outfits anyway. ^^

I honestly do not see why people think this is disgusting. Both girls and boys look adorable/smexy in crossplay. I think it's something to be proud of--especially if you're a boy pulling off a good crossplay.

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Wow!!! this is a great topic and I look forward to expanding on it!! First of all things I must say...I LUV COSPLAY!!! Now that that's out of the way. Ok so for NYAF I'm pretty sure by now most people now I'm going as link from the original Legend of Zelda because I look the most like him. as you already know this would be considered crossplay considering I'm dressing up as a guy. Also, I'm not embarrassed at all by it and personally I think I look pretty much like a guy in the costume. So that will be a little scary if fan girls start to swarm around me and pull on my ears...enough said!! Maybe I should bring a real sword... heh heh ummm anyway any of you going can see the awesome costume my mom made. here's what he's supposed to look like:


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I enjoy seeing others crossplay but I never do it because I have no money and have to make all my own cosplay so I only do girls because making pants is a pain in the ass.

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Probably the best crossplay I've seen so far is from Toradora: alt text

As far as my todo list, I'm adding anime papercraft. alt text

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To Do: Free Hugs

I couldn't resist haha

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I some times crossplay as Sailor Moon.

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