No zombies in the land down under

Any of you gamers out there, I'd love to hear your opinions on this. Well, non gamers too.

So, I'm not sure if everyone has heard, but I just read on ign that the Australian Classifications Board has apparently banned Left 4 Dead 2 from being sold anywhere within the country. Stating that the game showed too much violence towards humans infected with a rabies like virus. If you guys are anything like me, your first thought was probably "well, good thing I don't live in Australia!". (sorry to any Australians I just offended.) And secondly, "what the hell?" Is that really necessary? Are people's lives really so much better now that this one video game will never reach them? I just can't see the logic behind decisions like that, especially since any pg-13 action movie has way more sex and violence in it than most video games.

Remember back when they said gears of war 2 was too violent? Thus creating the ever enjoyable family friendly mode where sparks, rather than blood, flew from your enemy as you seared through their flesh with your chainsaw.

What is the problem with video games? Is it that video games are interactive and the violence is too real? Is it that with the ever increasing realism the line between our lives and games becomes thinner? Or maybe this is just something else to blame for the same old problems. Just like people may have at one time said "That damn rock n roll!" Maybe it's something entirely different. What do you guys think?

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Some people have a hard time drawing the line between simulation fun and reality. Though I don't think that Left4Dead is exactly a great example of needless violence (You're being attacked by millions of Zombies at once, not millions of little boys with rabies), when you look at games like Grand Theft Auto and things like that, there have been people known to try and attempt things they see in video games. I've heard the story of the Teenaged boy who played GTA2 so much he somehow got his hands on several grenades and a shotgun (or something, I don't remember all the details) and caused havoc, killed people, and eventually earned himself life in prison. Though Australia isn't totally wrong in their claim, censorship is often something frowned upon, and I dont see the reason why Left4Dead should be banned when you see games like the above mentioned Gears of War and GTA and other games with literally SLAUGHTER. So though putting age limits on games, or censoring some may be a bad idea, I frown upon this particular choice. I also frown on censorship in general, so maybe I should say I'd be fine with age limits. And thats saying something, cuz I'm not quite 17 yet. XD

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The people in the US are dumb about sex while we glorify violence. Meanwhile, most of the world is freaking out over violence.

Some things are considered too taboo, but nothing, so far, has struck me as over the line. 'Know what really grinds my gears? When people cannot make a decision for themselves on what products they want to buy. All you should be doing is to help inform the public. Imagine, if you will, that idiots at GameStop cared and informed their customers about the astronomical failure rate of the Xbox 360. What if more cashiers told their customers about the details that make some games "M for mature". How vicious someone is ripped apart and the detail in which you see it happen (not to mention the extra rewards you get for doing the most inhumane acts on other 'living' things).

But, ignoring that, at what point did zombies become people? Weren't they monsters for ages? They aren't human once they are infected. Even if they are, or have the potential to recover somehow, the game is one of self-defense. If you do not fire, some zombies might ignore you. But tons more will pour out and try to slaughter you.

I think that one way or another, L4D2 will make it down'undah'. Valve has already started its push for classification (without which the game cannot be legally sold or purchased) and there still is hope.

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They're on the bottom of earth, so it's only a matter of time before they fall off anyway...

I say forget about them - if you're not offending anyone you're boring and I don't care about you.

I'll be whating your comments

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